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Counteraction to Russian aggression

12:08, 26 february 2019
In Dnipro, SBU officers exposed the attempts of Russian special services to obtain data on communications networks that ensure the Presidential Elections in Ukraine.
12:22, 19 february 2019
The Service exposed large-scale plans on "hybrid" interference in the Ukrainian elections, stated SBU Deputy Head Victor Kononenko at a briefing.
10:06, 15 february 2019
SBU officers during planned work on counterintelligence protection of state interests in the sphere of informational security blocked the attempts of Russian special services to intervene in the electoral process in Ukraine.
15:06, 28 january 2019
Russia continues its cynical lies trying to justify the crimes committed all around the world. The Kremlin does not stop to “yawl” that armed units of Russia’s General Staff of Armed Forces have nothing to do with protecting dictator regimes in Sudan, Syria, and aren’t involved in CAR murder of journalists who were trying to shed the light onto “clandestine” PMC’s activity.
10:25, 25 january 2019
The official Moscow once again lies to the world community about the absence of Russia-controlled armed units on the territory of other states.
15:28, 24 january 2019
The SBU officers blocked a social networks-based framework established by Russian secret services with a goal of interfering with Ukraine’s Presidential Elections.
09:49, 21 january 2019
We are presenting you a documentary “SBU vs FSB” which shows the latest key developments of the Ukrainian secret service. The film sheds light on the violent confrontation between the SBU and the special services of the aggressor country. The film centres on the key points of the hybrid war waged against Ukraine - spy and agent networks, the “fifth column”, Russia-run information platforms, subversive groups.
10:01, 15 january 2019
The SBU officers exposed another wave of attempts of Russian special services trying to engage our citizens in criminal activity in favour of the aggressor state.
12:03, 10 january 2019
SBU officers under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor's Office exposed the resident of Kharkiv who was recruited by the special services of the aggressor country for subversion against our state.
14:51, 08 january 2019
SBU materials helped the Novoaidarskyi District Court of Luhansk region to sentence a priest of the UOC-MP to six years imprisonment in absentia.

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