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SBU Program “Waiting for you at home” keeps on returning of ex-militants to peaceful life (video)

SBU officials in the frameworks of the Program “Waiting for you at home” returned another two ex-militants of the terrorist organization “DNR” to peaceful life.

The law-enforcers established that in 2014 resident of Sloviiansk (Donetsk region) under the influence of Russian propaganda joined illegal armed groups of terrorists. A man was engaged in monitoring access control regime on illegal checkpoints of militants, and after that performed functions of personal driver and assistant of one of illegal armed units’ leader.

Being a witness of regular robberies and tortures over civil population from the side of terrorists, he decided to leave militants. However, the “chief” of the illegal armed group took ID from him and forced a man going forward to perform his “obligations”.

After Sloviiansk liberation by the ATO forces a man for a long time was hiding in the territory of Ukraine, being afraid of criminal responsibility for his actions.

Being aware from the TV about the SBU Program “Waiting for you at home” a man sent in an application to the law-enforcers. At present the circumstances have been checking in the frameworks of the initiated criminal proceeding.

The militants by means of threats in 2014 forced another resident of Donetsk region to enter illegal armed group of so-called “DNR”. Being amongst terrorists, he conducted access control for the “public order”.

After withdrawal from the illegal armed group the ex-member, being afraid of criminal responsibility, was hiding from law-enforcement bodies in the temporarily occupied territory and didn’t risk to come back home. Meanwhile the mother of involved person insistently did all her best for returning of son. After knowing about the SBU Program “Waiting for you at home” the family of ex-militant has requested assistance of the special service officials.

The law-enforcers checked the circumstances of criminal violation commission by a man and organized his returning to peaceful life.

The ex-militants called those, continuing to be the members of illegal armed groups of so-called “DNR/LNR”, for termination of illegal activities and usage of the SBU Program “Waiting for you at home”, cause it really works.          

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