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SBU conducts extensive antiterrorist special tactical training exercises in Cherkasy region (video)

The coordination group of the ATC at the SBU Office in Cherkasy region conducted extensive special tactical training exercises housed by two strategic locations.

The SBU, the AF of Ukraine, the National Guard, the National Police, the State emergency service, the Border Guards regional offices and representatives of regional and local government took place in training exercises.

According to trainings scenario the group of subversives planned to commit acts of terrorism in the military facility and one of chemical industry plants. The group members by means of quadcopter dropped explosives and fired ammunitions arsenal in the territory of military unit.

Due to joint actions the participants could mitigate effects of explosion and address the consequences of ammunitions dropping. The special operation for detention of “subversives” was proclaimed after receiving information about unmanned drone detection.

The mine planting of one of bulk containers with hazardous substance in the chemical plant industry took place in the meantime in correspondence with exercises plan. The fast response of law-enforcers and bomb technicians turned from infliction heavy ecological consequence.

Avoiding persecution, the offenders hide in abandoned building, the location of which is established. The single integrated attack team conducted principal phase, during which the “subversives” resisted, brought down back fire, equipped “tripwire” and used smoke barrels. In the result of well-coordinated actions the special operations officials destroyed the group of terrorists.

The units engaged in training exercises demonstrated prime readiness to counter terrorist and subversive developments, exercise their functions effectively under extreme conditions.

The Head of the ATC at the SBU Office in Cherkasy region coordination group Oleh Kravchenko pointed up the importance and necessity of conducting trainings in the region for readiness inspection and improvement of acquired skills by combatting terrorism bodies concerning possible subversive threats.         

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