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Khmelnytsky region: SBU conducts anti-terrorist trainings in cooperation with foreign partners (video)

The Coordination Group of the Anti-Terrorist Center at the SBU Office in Khmelnytsky region within the international aviation trainings “Clear Sky 2018” conducted anti-terrorist trainings on one of the military facilities of the region.

The SBU regional departments, National Guard, National Police, Armed Forces of Ukraine, civil emergency service as well as representatives of NATO state-members took part in the international training at the military aerodrome in Starokostyantyniv town.

Foreign partners as observers have also been involved in the anti-terrorist tactic-special training aimed to raise the level of interdepartmental cooperation to counter terrorist threats and become the final stage of international training.

During this phase, the officers neutralized the sabotage and reconnaissance group, which according to the training legend had to commit a series of terrorist attacks in the city and in the military aerodrome using air drones.

The “saboteurs” were neutralized, the consequences of their subversive activities were localized following effective and concerted actions of the special forces.

The Coordination Group of Anti-terrorist Centre analyzed the efficiency of the involved forces and equipment by the training participants. In addition, there were outlined the perspective directions of cooperation with foreign partners on prevention the terrorist threats and sabotages.

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