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13:34, 06 february 2017
In the process of searches the law enforcers revealed hidden cameras and microphones, connected with the DVR, built in one of the walls. Control and data acquisition from it was carried out through the Internet.
10:46, 06 february 2017
The law enforcers established that the members of the group artificially provoked domestic conflicts, and after that, threatening with violence, demanded money from citizens for “solving the conflict”. The SBU officers detained the criminals in the Mykolaiv suburb while receiving 10,000 UAH.
10:17, 06 february 2017
The SBU investigators received absolute evidence that the head of the LNR terrorist organization I.Plotnytskyi, who at the time of committing the crime was the commander of “battalion “Zorya” illegal armed formation, together with Alexander Patrushevyi (at that time his deputy) and commander of "Vitiaz" illegal armed formation O.Hurieiev were direct organizers of the terrorist act. In order to block the ATO forces, they made an ambush and guided the groups of militants armed with man-portable air defense systems who blocked the air traffic of the Luhansk Airport.
09:43, 06 february 2017
The SBU officers detained the organizer of the psychotropic manufacture in a rented apartment, where the drug laboratory was located. Monthly turnover of the drug business amounted to half a million UAH.
16:35, 04 february 2017
The bribetakers demanded from entrepreneur 2 000 USD for assistance in movement of commodity-material assets to the customs territory of Ukraine.
11:59, 04 february 2017
The man joined an illegal armed formation in 2014 and patrolled the streets with a gun and in his own hunting clothes. In July the same year he left the illegal armed formations because he did not support the idea of creating so-called LNR/DNR.
11:29, 04 february 2017
Using an intermediary (a former border guard) the customs officers organized systematic getting of illegal profit for authorizing the import of cars with foreign registration to Ukraine under the “temporal import – up to 1 year” regime. The price for one car was 300 USD.
10:46, 04 february 2017
The 3rd Class Taxation Councilor systematically demanded money from businessmen for approval and award of a VAT payer status.
10:33, 04 february 2017
Financed by Russia the criminal created fake accounts in social media and administered communities where systematically spread anti-Ukrainian materials, discredited the authorities and propagated Russian military aggression in the East of Ukraine.
10:18, 04 february 2017
The law enforcers apprehended the criminal near the base while trying to sell 2 grenades and 7 antitank mines. Each mine has almost 7 kg of TNT.

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Zhydkov Dmytro Mykhailovych
Shevchenko Daniil Borysovych
Yatsenko Viktor Viacheslavovych

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