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15:28, 28 october 2016
The SBU officers stopped the activity of an organized group that produced and sold amphetamine in the capital and some districts of the region.
14:45, 28 october 2016
The SBU officers together with State Fiscal Service revealed and blocked mechanism of illegal financial operations with temporarily occupied territories.
12:51, 28 october 2016
The SBU together with the Prosecutor’s Office revealed officials of Kramatorsk city council who embezzled almost 2 mln UAH.
11:29, 28 october 2016
The law-enforcers established that the policeman in Markivka, near control line, extorted UAH 20 thousands from the local entrepreneur for avoidance of the financial and operational activity inspections.
11:10, 28 october 2016
In summer 2014, the citizen of Odesa moved to the temporarily annexed territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to take part in a special military training in the base of a Russian Naval Infantry Brigade. After the training, he joined an illegal armed formation of the so-called DNR and served at checkpoints.
09:29, 28 october 2016
The hide was located in a forest plantation between two housing estates. The law enforcers confiscated seven F-1 grenades with detonators, one RPG-26 grenade launcher, three VOG-25 grenades, seven TNT blocks of 200 grams and 360 5,45 rounds.
14:24, 27 october 2016
The law enforcers found out that the man who took part in pro-Russian actions in 2014 became the administrator of a number of anti-Ukrainian groups. Using the Internet, he got acquainted with Russian secret services representatives and agreed to spread separatist materials in various informational and political groups in Russian social media. The information to publish was spread in a specially created “close” society.
14:05, 27 october 2016
The major demanded from a local citizen 3,000 UAH for his enlistment on contract service. The SBU officers apprehended the criminal while getting illegal profit.
11:38, 27 october 2016
A former supporter of the so-called DNR voluntarily laid down arms and returned to normal life in the framework of the SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home”.
11:17, 27 october 2016
Only during 24 hours in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the law enforcers apprehended four vehicles, the drivers of which tried to transport medicine, coffee, cosmetics, provisions and non-grocery goods to the temporarily occupied territories.

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