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10:33, 03 december 2016
Managers of one of the local companies practicing pyramid investment scheme illegally appropriated the money of the investors promising eye-watering profits. Without having the status of a financial establishment the company wasn’t authorized to conduct investment activity in Ukraine, therefore the money received by the “pyramid” leaders were simply appropriated by them.
17:44, 02 december 2016
The officers of the SBU Main Office in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea confiscated a lot of forfeit spirits worth more than 3 million UAH in Kherson region.
17:10, 02 december 2016
In Odesa region, the SBU officers stopped a cigarette smuggling channel from the territory of self-proclaimed Transnistria to Ukraine.
14:15, 02 december 2016
The SBU officers stopped the activity of a drug-dealing group the members of which sold marihuana in Khmelnytskyi region.
13:37, 02 december 2016
SBU officers exposed losses worth millions inflicted by the officials of Mykolaiv International Airport public utility.
13:35, 02 december 2016
SBU exposed losses worth millions of UAH to Kurakhove (Donetsk region) budget while renting out of town property.
12:41, 02 december 2016
Deputy Chief of Kakhovka local prosecutor’s office of the Kherson Region was caught on corruption by the Security Service of Ukraine together with the Prosecutor General’s Office.
10:25, 02 december 2016
The law enforcers confiscated from the hidings located near Berdianske and Chermalyk villages in Donetsk region 2 RPG-22 anti-tank rockets, 5 mortar bombs, 4 grenades, more than 1,000 rounds of different caliber and 400 g of TNT.
10:21, 02 december 2016
In April, 2014 a citizen of Donetsk Region joined one of the illegal formations of the so-called «DNR». He kept guard on the checkpoint, scrutinized documents and vehicles of citizens.
09:31, 02 december 2016
The SBU together with the Police apprehended a racketeer who demanded 15,000 UAH from a state official for a so-called “safe” living in one of Mukachevo neighborhoods.

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