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11:38, 30 june 2016
Eight militants of the DNR terrorist organization detained by Ukrainian soldiers near Mariupol eagerly communicated with the SBU investigators.
11:57, 29 june 2016
The Security Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv Region together with the prosecutor’s office thwarted another attempt of the Russian secret services to destabilize socio-political situation in our state following the Kremlin scenario of the so-called “silent federalization” and to continue implementation of “Novorossia” project.
12:40, 27 june 2016
A Zakarpattia citizen from Czech Republic who was wanted and is suspected by the SBU of organizing a migrant channel to the EU was extradited to Ukraine.
11:23, 25 june 2016
The first long interview with the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Grytsak – on the hybrid war, the Surkov’s second front, liquidation of terrorists and the Maidan killings
11:01, 25 june 2016
At the Khrarkiv Airport the SBU officers jointly with border guards and police officers detained two Central Asian nationals involved in activities of international terrorist organizations.
12:32, 24 june 2016
The decision of the Prymorskyi District Court of Odesa concerning a local citizen who was a member of the so-called DNR terrorist organization entered into force. The criminal proceeding was conducted by the investigators of the SBU Regional Office of Odesa.
16:36, 23 june 2016
The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak congratulated the «A» fighters on their professional holiday – the Unit Foundation Day.
12:17, 23 june 2016
During 2014-2016, two residents of the Lviv Region took over at least 15 illegal migrants to the EU from the Russian Federation and Central Asia. The offenders operated under cover of a travel company.
16:04, 22 june 2016
The Security Service of Ukraine exposed the activity of chief of staff of the Russian representation at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) of the Ceasefire colonel Vladimir Cheban that contradicts out national interests and Minsk agreements.

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