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11:58, 21 june 2016
Officers of the secret service established that Horlivka resident from April to November 2015 was a member of illegal armed group. He gathered information in temporarily occupied territories about patriotic citizens. Upon Russian handler’s request he passed the gathered data to the so-called Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DNR.
12:11, 18 june 2016
The SBU officers in cooperation with the Military Prosecutor's Office and the Internal Security of the National Police detained the operative of the Police Division in Novohrad-Volynsk and a facilitator (taxi-driver).
19:55, 17 june 2016
The Security Service of Ukraine exposed attempted bribery of a Ukrainian law enforcer by a diplomat of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Kharkiv.
17:44, 17 june 2016
On 16 June the Security Service of Ukraine with the use of MFA official channels submitted to the UN a set of credentials in the framework of continuation of activity in Ukraine of the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (“SPT”).
13:04, 17 june 2016
The SBU submitted to courts charging documents concerning 980 members of terrorist organizations and illegal armed groups, traitors and terrorists’ facilitators. Different terms of imprisonment received 339 persons, who were found guilty of crimes against the State and the Ukrainian nation.
12:26, 17 june 2016
During the year the SBU officers blocked a number of information special operations, developed by Russian secret services in the context of the “hybrid war” against our state.
17:01, 16 june 2016
During a year, the SBU transferred stocks and property of strategic facilities with a total value of approximately UAH 2.4 billion, misappropriated by Russian entrepreneurs, back into state ownership. An attempt of RF companies to remove equipment of two strategic enterprises and seize classified military documents was prevented.
16:16, 16 june 2016
Upon the SBU materials, over 1100 criminal investigations of corrupt practices were launched. 215 offenders were found guilty and sentenced.
15:21, 16 june 2016
During last year the SBU officers eliminated 30 terrorist groups which were trained by the Russian secret services for sabotage not only in the ATO area, but in peaceful Ukrainian regions.

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