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17:32, 19 april 2017
The SBU officers together with the Police seized an arsenal with weapons and ammunition in Mykolaiv.
16:34, 19 april 2017
SBU jointly with the Prosecutor’s Office detained the senior operative of the Criminal Investigation Office of Kharkiv region, who extorted 500,000 UAH from the resident of Donetsk region.
16:26, 19 april 2017
The law enforcers established that a businessman from Zaporizhzhia who cooperated with the industrial enterprises in the city tried to organize the fraud. He made an agreement with two employers of the enterprise for them to ‘carry out’ components for military aviation engines from the territory of the factory. Previously he found out that there are customers from other countries including Russia who wanted to buy the components and contacted them.
16:00, 19 april 2017
During the last two years the criminals provided the members of DNR/LNR terrorist organization and representatives of Russian secret services with fabricated documents about education, driving licenses, car ownership certificates, passports, residence permits etc.
15:53, 19 april 2017
Law enforcers detected the reactive infantry machinegun “Shmel” near one of the bases of Armed Forces of Ukraine located on the delimitation line in Donetsk region. The Russian weapons were in combat-efficient, ready-to-use condition.
14:47, 19 april 2017
The criminal extorted 12,000 UAH from drug addicts for not initiating criminal proceeding against them for drugs keeping.
13:38, 19 april 2017
The criminal extorted 40,000 UAH from a representative of a building company for signing reports of completion of repairing the premises of the airport terminal.
12:47, 19 april 2017
The law enforcers established that the organizers of the conversion center served 30 companies dealing with import-export of goods. The criminals helped their clients to convert money into cash and evade taxes. According to previous estimations because of the activity of the conversion center the state budget had a deficiency of more than 100 million UAH.
11:38, 19 april 2017
During the briefing, the SBU Chief of Staff Oleksandr Tkachuk and the Chief of the SBU Department on National Statehood Protection Viktor Kononenko informed that the SBU officers prevented provocation of Russian secret services organized on ethnic grounds in Odesa.
11:31, 19 april 2017
Law enforcers caught the criminals red-handed during the theft.

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