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17:05, 30 november 2016
The SBU officers in the framework of a criminal case launched under Part 3 Article 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine apprehended one of the heads of State Ecological Inspection of Kyiv region who evaded investigation.
16:50, 30 november 2016
Between 21 to 30 November, Ukraine was visited by the Delegation of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.
14:49, 30 november 2016
Official received 100 000 UAH from the entrepreneur, who won the bid for coal delivery to educational establishments, as a payoff for non creation of obstacles upon handling accounts for already delivered solid fuel. The sum of payoff came to 5% from contract for 2 millions.
14:29, 30 november 2016
During 2014-2015 certain deputies of the Kharkiv Region local councils illegally allotted and sold almost 20 hectares of the state land. In order to implement it the criminals entered false data to the state register of rights to immovable property or changed the owners in the register.
13:27, 30 november 2016
The offender is the citizen of Ukraine and from August 2015 he resided in the temporary occupied territory of Luhansk region.
13:23, 30 november 2016
At Rava-Ruska – Khrebenne customs point the law enforcers detained a 50-year-old resident of Khmelnytskyi Region who was trying to illegally take out of the country nine ancient icons and twenty four metal ornamentals.
13:22, 30 november 2016
The law-enforcers established that directory of establishment with farming enterprise settled a contract for allegedly joint use of lands with agricultural purpose. In fact agrarians singly used more 300 hectares of state lands and gained millionth profit from its exploitation.
11:56, 30 november 2016
Since the beginning of combat operations in Donetsk region the former official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine couldn’t leave temporarily occupied territory and had to find a job in the “DNR supreme court”. During 2015-2016 he selected and checked candidates for employment in fake institution.
11:41, 30 november 2016
Law enforcers documented, that a major and senior lieutenant of police demanded money over three months from 30 subordinates for "comfortable" distribution of duty places. Monthly "rate" from every policemen was UAH 1 500.
10:43, 30 november 2016
The law-enforcers exposed goods without relevant documents during the inspection of four vehicles at the check-points in Donetsk region. The secret service officials seized from illegal transporters many mobile phones, auto parts, clothing and building materials, which they tried to import into temporarily occupied territory.

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