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16:44, 01 february 2017
The SBU together with the Police revealed a businessman who organized illegal excavation of andesine in Zakarpattia.
14:58, 01 february 2017
The law enforcers established that the members of the group searched for “clients” who wanted to dispose of mortgage notes or release encumbrance of real estate in Kyiv and Odesa. After getting the orders the criminals issued false decisions of judges from temporarily occupied territories according to which the owners of the real estate allegedly were not under financial obligations since 2014.
14:39, 01 february 2017
The law enforcers established that the official demanded from a local resident 2,000 UAH for assisting in accelerated issue of biometrical foreign passport. The SBU officers apprehended the head of the Division at her working place while getting the whole sum of the bribe.
13:42, 01 february 2017
The terrorist nicknamed “Holova” joined Vostok criminal group in 2014; in 2016 he joined other armed formation of so-called DNR.
13:38, 01 february 2017
In Koliadivka village in Luhansk region the SBU officers confiscated from the cache located in one of the premises in the territory of an abandoned farm a RPG-18 antitank rocket and 8 RGD-5 grenades with fuses. In addition near Pavlopole in Donetsk region the SBU officers revealed a cache with 5 F-1 and RGD-5 grenades with fuses.
12:15, 01 february 2017
In 2014, a representative of the branch of a Russian IT-company through the Internet got acquainted with so-called DNRLNR terrorists, who are fighting at the East of the country.
12:15, 01 february 2017
In the port of Chornomorsk, during the inspection of a truck, which moved to Georgia by ferry, the law-enforcers revealed a cache with plenty of tobacco products. The SBU officers confiscated from the truck almost 35 thousand packs of cigarettes of Belarusian production.
10:54, 01 february 2017
The law enforcers established that local businessmen received 3.5 ha of land by lease for building an exploitation base for their enterprise. For production needs the malefactors occupied an adjacent railway district meant for the second track.
09:58, 01 february 2017
For 2 years a junior inspector of Supervision and Security Division carried drugs to the territory of the penal institution and estimated one such “trip” of 1,000 UAH.
19:30, 31 january 2017
The Security Service of Ukraine documents numerous violations of Minsk agreements by Russian terrorist forces, which constantly bombard Avdiivka in Donetsk region using heavy armament.

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