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Donbas – SBU discovers caches with grenade launchers and explosives

Near a bridge across the Aidar river between the villages of Polovynkyne and Tytarivka in Luhansk Region the SBU in cooperation with the Starobilsk Military Commandant's Office and police discovered an arms cache.

Law enforcers seized a RPG-7V grenade launcher, two PG-7L hollow charge antitank grenades, three gunpowder charges to an underbarrel grenade laucher, a RGD-5 grenade with a fuse and many rounds of different caliber from the cache.

In addition, on the premises of a defunct farm in Slovianoserbskyi District the SBU officers jointly with the servicemen of the 92nd Separate Infantry Brigade of Ukraine’s Armed Forces withdrew 400 g TNT blocks, three hollow charge grenades, four F-1grenades with fuse and 7,62X54 mm rounds to a sniper rifle from the cache. Approaches to the hidden place were mined with two trip wires, which were defused by reconnaissance men of the said brigade.

Moreover, near the village of Vysokoivanivka, Sloviansk District, Donetsk Region at a former terrorists’ checkpoint law enforcers detected three F-1grenades, RGO and RGN hand grenades with fuses and over 1000 rounds.

The criminal proceedings were initiated by the police under Part 1 Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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