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15:58, 14 april 2017
SBU officials jointly with the Prosecutor’s Office stopped the activity of the commercial organization, which evaded the taxes at the amount of 30 million UAH in Dnipro.
15:23, 14 april 2017
The weapon and ammunition were transferred for keeping to the subdivision of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
11:24, 14 april 2017
The criminal tried to legalize himself in Ukraine with the forged passport and driving license issued on another name, which he got in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk region.
11:16, 14 april 2017
Less than a day before, Kharkiv law enforcers identified a 59-years-old resident of Khremenchuk district of Poltava region, who called the “hot-line” of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and informed that the premises of “International airport “Kharkiv” will be exploded during the May Days. After the arrest the abuser confessed that he called anonymously with hooligan motive.
11:04, 14 april 2017
SBU jointly with the Military Prosecutor’s Office and with the assistance of administration of the state enterprise “Zoria”-“Mashproekt” prevented the attempt to supply the components for military-oriented gas-turbine engines (GTE), which are used on the ships of RF Navy to RF in Mykolaiv.
17:50, 13 april 2017
The scheme was organized by the head of one of the Border Guard departments of Zhytomyr border unit. For a fee the captain provided the guiding landmarks of "corridors" by which the residents of Zhytomyr and Volyn regions systematically smuggled goods to neighboring states.
17:03, 13 april 2017
The gang consisted of Zhytomyr and Odesa residents who were well informed about the process of producing drugs. They equipped a drug laboratory in a rented house in the center of the city and tried constantly to produce psychotropic substances.
16:47, 13 april 2017
For half a year the resident of Pokrovsk district in Donetsk region had been the member of DNR illegal armed formation. After a while being disillusioned with the ‘russkii mir’ ideas the man decided to return to peaceful life, left the armed formation and contacted the SBU for help.
16:44, 13 april 2017
Department of Capital Construction of Donetsk Regional State Administration announced a tender for the purchase of repair services of one of the Clinical hospitals. One of the private companies in Kyiv won the tender. During the document review, the SBU officials found out that the merchants have provided false information, in particular regarding the experience of similar works and appropriately qualified staff.
14:10, 13 april 2017
SBU officials detained the criminal while carrying another "parcel" with cannabis, acetylated opium and amphetamine to the territory of correctional facility.

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