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13:17, 29 november 2016
The manufacturing of one forged documents cost from 8000 to 9000 USD. The SBU investigators recorded the fact of issuing 15 forged passports.
10:20, 29 november 2016
In 2014, a Donetsk resident left his job and joined one of the armed groups of the DNR terrorists. Believing to the promises of high earnings, he protected a former SBU building in Donetsk and served as a convoy.
10:05, 29 november 2016
The law enforcers established that the businessmen owned a supermarket network a part of which was located in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region. The businessmen paid the sell fee to illegal institutions of the terrorists.
16:35, 28 november 2016
Manufacturing facilities for falsification and bottling were placed at the territory of former childcare center, storage premises and in the private residence of one of the “business” organizers. The end adulteration was distributed through the wholefood retail stores in Donetsk and Kyiv regions.
12:11, 28 november 2016
During 2014-2015 the heads of the enterprise fictitiously employed 19 their friends and relatives. They put false data into the decrees, attendance lists, and salary schedules, paid wages to “ghost employees” and provided cash aid. They received the money, 200 000 UAH in total, via plastic cards and embezzled it.
12:11, 28 november 2016
The Donetsk resident due to difficult financial situation joined the illegal armed group Oplot in 2015. In the terrorist group, the man got the appointment of a driver and transported ammunition, food and militants.
11:57, 28 november 2016
SBU officers revealed a group of dealers, who smuggled to Ukraine illegal drastic substances. They sold one part of substances and another part was smuggled to Moldova and the Russian Federation by mediators and couriers.
10:50, 28 november 2016
During June-November 2016 by order of the militants the offender collected and passed to terrorists the information on the deployment sites, movement of defense equipment and personnel of the ATO units.
10:46, 28 november 2016
The caches were found in villages of the Donetsk Region. Law enforcers seized from caches RPG-22 anti-tank grenade launcher, two rounds to RPG-7 launcher, three RGD-5 and F-1 grenades, six TNT blocks of total weight 825 g and one brick of C-4 weighing 600 g.
10:20, 28 november 2016
The offenders demanded money from local resident for returning his confiscated car and registration license.

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