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10:27, 30 january 2017
The criminals interfered in the activity of the telecommunication networks of domestic cellular communication operators using GSM-gateways and IP-telephony. It allowed them to show incoming international traffic, including from the Russian Federation and Certain Territories of Donetsk and Luhansk Regions, under the guise of national connection.
09:24, 30 january 2017
The Military Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv Garrison held an investigation into the death of the senior warrant officer
16:16, 29 january 2017
During the performance the cadets on behalf of the SBU Heroes honestly told about their life stories without any embellishment and pathos. Many photos and videos about Heroes, quotes from interviews, family recollections and fragments from films made by the Academy were used during the performance.
12:17, 28 january 2017
At "Shehyni" checkpoint of  "Mostyska" Lviv customs post the law-enforcers detained a 22-year-old citizen of Lviv, who tried to smuggle into Ukraine special devices – 20 GSM-trackers.
11:43, 28 january 2017
The SBU officers revealed the fact of illegal development and attempt to sale a satellite communication monitoring complex by one of Lviv business companies.
10:31, 28 january 2017
The SBU passed the charge sheet to the Holosiivskyi District Court of Kyiv which was approved by the General Prosecutor's Office in the criminal proceeding launched on the fact of embezzlement by former managers of the non-state pension fund of the National Bank of Ukraine.
10:10, 28 january 2017
The SBU officers in Dnipro region detained two corrupt officials of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, who established a criminal scheme of getting bribes.
18:22, 27 january 2017
The law enforcers established that the lieutenant of the Police demanded 5,000 UAH from a local citizen for not bringing him to justice for traffic violations. For this sum the policeman also promised to return to the man his car, confiscated because of driving drunk.
17:47, 27 january 2017
The law enforcers detained the drug dealer in Uzhhorod while selling more than 42 grams of the illegally imported to Ukraine drug. The criminal planned to make almost 2,000 EUR from this deal.
14:23, 27 january 2017
The law enforcers established that the senior lieutenant of the Police planned to organize a methamphetamine distribution channel to local addicts in the city. The SBU officers documented the criminal selling the drug for more than 5,000 UAH. The SBU officers apprehended the policeman under Article 208 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine near the building of the district department while he was trying to sell methamphetamine for almost 14,000 UAH.

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