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10:58, 07 september 2016
The SBU under the proceeding guidance of the Prosecutor’s Office prevented a series of terrorist attacks planned by a group of sympathizers of pro-Russian separatism on the instruction of the Russian Federation secret services agent in the city of Lysychansk in Luhansk Region.
16:28, 06 september 2016
The SBU together with the Prosecutor’s Office revealed that the officials of Donetsk Regional Forestry and Hunting Sector Department embezzled and used state property in their own interests.
13:45, 06 september 2016
Licensing inspector of one of the Kharkiv Police regional offices was caught on bribery by the Security Service of Ukraine together with Prosecutor’s Office.
12:33, 06 september 2016
In Chernivtsi Region, the SBU officers jointly with police officials and prosecutors detected a criminal group growing and selling marijuana.
12:46, 05 september 2016
In particular, the delegation was informed that there is no detention facility within the SBU regional office. The delegation also learned the procedure of detaining individuals, investigative measures regarding arrested and detained persons.
12:07, 05 september 2016
At the Zaitseve checkpoint the law enforcers arrested Luhansk resident, who tried to illegally transfer to the temporarily occupied territories in the gas tank of his car 10 million RUB and 100 thousand USD.
11:22, 05 september 2016
September 4, 2016, a SOS-signal came from a ship, which sailed under Turkish flag from Mykolaiv to Jordan with metalwork cargo.
10:41, 03 september 2016
The oath was taken by 165 cadets – future counterintelligence officers and interpreters of the secret service. Almost two dozens of them took examples from their fathers – members of the antiterrorist operation, who continue to fight Russian aggressor and terrorists in Donbas. There is a son of the fallen ATO officer Oleksandr Skulskyi among the SBU National Academy cadets.
08:55, 03 september 2016
The source of the LNR terrorist organization was detained by the SBU in the ATO area.
10:33, 02 september 2016
Officials of the SBU National Academy, who had recently returned from the ATO area, gave lessons of courage in native schools of officers of the Ukrainian special service, who heroically perished in the east of our country.

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