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SBU detects scheme of budget funds embezzlement in the amount of over 10 million UAH in Dnipropetrovsk region

SBU officials jointly with the prosecutor’s office detected scheme of budget funds embezzlement by businessmen in the amount of over 10 million UAH, devoting to the roads repair.

The law-enforcers have established that last year the commercial entity won a tender for execution of roadbuilding activities in one of Dnipropetrovsk regions. The businessmen have raised almost seventeen million UAH from the budget of the region. During the check of final documents the special service officials have detected that the dealers moved out the bulk of funds into “shadow” by means of a range sham enterprises. The expert examination has established that businessmen executed poor quality roadbuilding activities, using unqualified builders.

The criminal proceeding under p.2 Article 364 of the Criminal code of Ukraine was initiated.

The investigations are under way.        

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