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19:50, 11 april 2017
The law enforcers established that the criminals from Ukraine and a number of other countries looked for low-income citizens and offered them to sell their kidney. To cover the illegal business the organizers created a commercial structure that allegedly provided medical tourism services. The criminals paid 13,000-15,000 USD to the donors and received 80,000-100,000 USD from a client.
17:21, 11 april 2017
SBU officials under procedural supervision of the prosecutor’s office seized in Volyn region over 80 kg of amber of different fractures.
15:12, 11 april 2017
The SBU officials seized from the cache three PG-7C1 grenades for anti-tank grenade launcher, 8 F-1 grenades and many rounds of different caliber in Malynove (Luhansk region). The special service operatives detected cache with 35 grenades for riffle-attached grenade launcher, 7 bodies for PG-7VL grenade launcher round and 2 thousand of rounds.
10:53, 11 april 2017
The law-enforcers established that the offender regularly extorted money from entities engaged in foreign economic activities for the support in drawing of cargoes at the underrated customs value and free importing of goods. In case of rejection to pay money the official threatened enterprisers essentially balk the drawing and clearance of cargoes in the territory of Ukraine.
09:27, 11 april 2017
The law-enforcers detected two PMN-2 anti-personal mines of soviet manufacture in the suburb of Troitske (Luhansk region). In accordance with the Ottawa Treaty, that is the “Convention on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel mines and on their destruction”, these ammunitions are prohibited for usage in military conflicts. Contrary to Ukraine, the Russia rejected to sign this document. According to the special service the mines are delivered to the militants of the so-called “LPR” from the territory of Russia.
09:20, 11 april 2017
The terrorist arrived to Zaporizhzhia for medical treatment in early April, as according to his story, the medical products either are not available, or cost too expensive in temporarily occupied territories.
18:07, 10 april 2017
The law-enforcers established that the resident of Lyman district of Donetsk region departed to Saint-Petersburg in the beginning of combat operations in the East of Ukraine. He decided to help terrorists under the influence of “Russkii mir” propaganda. Coming back to the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas, a man was engaged in the “humanitarian” aid delivery from Russia and distributed it among militants.
17:56, 10 april 2017
Near Novohryhorivka village of Donetsk region from one of the abandoned buildings the SBU officers confiscated 4 grenade launchers, 9 F-1 and RGN grenades and more than 600 5.45 rounds.
15:52, 10 april 2017
The charitable event of the SBU National Academy collective, dedicating to the memory of the special service officials – defenders of Ukraine took place on the eve of the third death day of the “Alpha” special task force unit official Hennadii Bilichenko.
15:01, 10 april 2017
The SBU officers apprehended a participant of gas frauds of Yanukovich times in Luhansk region.

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