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09:56, 24 may 2016
In the middle of May on the shore of the Siverskyi Donets River the militants captured a 15-year old citizen of the Novoaidarskyi district. In the process of longstanding night interrogations followed by intimidation and tortures the terrorists beat out information about the combat positions, personnel and equipment of the units located near Triokhizbenka village. According to the boy, one of the torturers was nicknamed “Klim” and common militants were led by Russian mercenaries from Northern Caucasus.
09:38, 23 may 2016
The SBU officers found a cache with explosives in an empty old house in the village of Velyka Novosilka, Yasynuvatynskyi Distrcit, Donetsk Region.
09:30, 23 may 2016
On the occasion of the Day of the Hero the killed fighters for Ukraine – the Heavenly Hundred Heroes, ATO participants, volunteers, and chaplains – were honored at the Security Service of Ukraine.
12:17, 21 may 2016
The SBU apprehended a citizen of Sievierodonetsk, who upon the commission of militants from “LNR Ministry of Internal Affairs special unit” was looking for a place to commit sabotage against the ATO forces in Luhansk Region.
11:07, 21 may 2016
In Kremenchuk the SBU officers apprehended a 50-year-old organizer of drug trafficking who had been convicted 12 times for violent crimes and drugs. The arrest took place when the criminal was receiving a parcel with 700 tramadol and 500 endorphin tablets.
13:41, 20 may 2016
In January 2015 the criminal went to Belgorod (Russia) where he was tasked by his handlers to launch rocket-propelled grenades at one of the Kharkiv entertainment centers.
13:29, 20 may 2016
The Security Service of Ukraine conducted a successful special operation on neutralization of a sabotage group of DNR terrorists in the ATO area.
11:58, 20 may 2016
Disabled T-72 tank, manufactured in Russia, with pulled down turret was found by the Aidar battalion members at the line of contact in Volnovakha district of the Donetsk Region. Near the tank they also found forbidden anti-personnel mines “Black Widow” and “Petal”.
16:58, 19 may 2016
The officers of Security Service of Ukraine with the assistance of the Kyiv mayor caught the officials of the department of the city development and environment protection of the Kyiv Municipal Administration and State Emergency Service.
15:08, 19 may 2016
Law enforcers established that the man was recruited by an “intelligence officer” in summer 2014. Since then, the informer provided terrorists with information on stations, movements of military equipment and personnel of the ATO forces near the villages of Pervomaiske, Pisky and Vodiane.

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