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During last year SBU economic security units prevented 9 billion UAH of state losses

In 2016 the SBU units of counterintelligence protection of the national economy prevented almost 9.3 billion UAH of state budget losses.

The SBU officers returned financial and material valuables worth almost 700 million UAH to state and community property.

During 2016 in the framework of a large-scale operation the SBU prevented embezzlement of 6.2 billion UAH of state funds for social payments to the pseudo-migrants from the temporarily occupied territories.

In the framework of criminal proceedings launched on the basis of the materials of the SBU economic security units property and resources in bank accounts at the amount of 5.5 billion UAH were arrested.

Since the beginning of 2017 the sum of the arrested property is almost 10 billion UAH.

As of the first decade of February this year the SBU officers had also prevented more than 170 million UAH of state losses and renewed the rights of state and community structures at almost 160 million UAH.

In the framework of the pretrial investigation launched on the basis of the SBU materials 59.8 million UAH, which were embezzled while building Okhmatdyt children’s hospital, were returned to the budget.

To minimize the Russian economic expansion at the suggestion of the SBU by the Decree of the President of Ukraine special economic and other restriction sanctions were applied to 125 legal entities and 77 natural persons from the Russian Federation.

The main task of the SBU units of counterintelligence protection of the national economy is to prevent the external influence and interference into the work of state institutions and critical infrastructure. The main aspect of the effectiveness of the work is to maintain constant functioning of the economic state sector.

At the same time in line with the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine the SBU economic units are not entrusted with investigation of criminal proceedings and returning funds to state budget.


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