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10:21, 18 january 2017
The SBU officers detained a militant from Oplot terrorist organization.
15:23, 17 january 2017
For a long time the criminal systematically demanded money from the relatives of the convicted for handing to the latter mobile phones and other items prohibited in the territory of the colony. The price of the “transfer” varied from 1,000 to 2,000 UAH.
12:31, 17 january 2017
The law enforcers established that a local resident, the former worker of one of the leading science and research institutions in Kharkiv region while travelling abroad handed to the representatives of a foreign institute a documentation package on a space TV. The man also created and tested a satellite with extra sensitive TVs for space control for the “partners”.
11:54, 17 january 2017
The criminal via an intermediary lawyer demanded 3,000 USD from a previously convicted person for passing a court decision with “suspended” sentence for producing drugs.
10:22, 17 january 2017
While being in the temporary occupied territories the man worked as an armed “collector” and convoyed the militants while getting the money. However, he himself did not get the salary and after asking the terrorists about the money they “scammed” him.
14:25, 16 january 2017
The cache was equipped between Ivanivka and Tymofiivka villages in Donetsk region. The law enforcers confiscated 2 MON-50 anti-tank mines, 2 improvised explosives, 6 TNT cartridges of 400 g each, 3 F1 grenades, fuzes, detonators and more than 2,000 5.45 mm rounds.
11:46, 16 january 2017
Being in the rows of terrorists the man equipped fortifications, ran economic activity and was on duty at checkpoints. Witnessing the robberies, looting, chaos and lawlessness caused by the “novorosiia” adherents he gave up and left his accomplices. The former militant was afraid of criminal responsibility and could not return home for a long time.
10:05, 16 january 2017
The offenders collected information about staff, weapons and troops movement in the ATO area by order of their handler from so-called DNR. The criminals passed data via mobile phones or the Internet using means of conspiracy. The terrorists used this information for subversive actions and shooting of the locations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
09:21, 16 january 2017
The law enforcers established that the officials via counterfeits removed from state property more than 800 land allotments at a total more than 1600 ha in different districts of Kyiv region. According to the experts, the market value of the lands is 1.9 billion UAH.
15:01, 13 january 2017
SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak congratulated the body of SBU special task forces on combatting corruption and organized crime with 25-th anniversary.

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