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SBU and SZRU Statement about plans of Russian secret services to destabilize situation in Ukraine

The Chief of the SBU National Statehood Protection Department Anatolii Dublyk read out the statement of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (SZRU) concerning the plans of the Russian secret services to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

The SBU and SZRU obtained intelligence data disclosing plans of the Russian Federation on organizing a large-scale unrest in Ukraine, the beginning of which was scheduled for November 15. A part of this information had already been made public by the Head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak.

This intelligence data in broad terms corresponds to the so-called Plan on top-priority measures on destabilization of social and political situation in Ukraine “Shatun” – information seized from the mail box of the Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov – and indicates of the beginning of its implementation.

Direct management of implementation of this plan is carried out by his first deputy Ardzinba, and the contact with political powers and NGO’s in Ukraine is maintained by Armenian national Martirosian.

The secret service recorded trips to Russia made by certain organizers of the campaigns in Ukraine for receiving financing and instructions. At that, the enemy is counting on the efficiency of blind use of the activity of a number of social and political movements.

The aim of the plan is domestic destabilization, organization of pre-term elections in Ukraine, reinforcement of Russian-backed powers in new parliament with the perspective of revision of European course and change of foreign policy vector of the state.

The start of active phase is scheduled for November 15 – with All-Ukrainian protest of bank depositors. Starting from November 17 the accent of the protests is to be shifted to the issue of increased tariffs. The “protest” is planned to escalate into blocking of government bodies, extending of claims and demands to the authorities.

By the plan of the Russian handlers, the actions of protest are planned to be provided by alleged mass support. In particular, an active agitation in social media has already been started including calls for support to the “protesters”.

The data received by the SBU and the SZRU evidence that the Russian scenarists planned mass disturbances and even deaths of “a number of participants of the protests”.

The first control intermediate date is fixed for November 24, when the Ukraine-EU Summit dedicated to the finalization of the issue of giving Ukraine the non-visa regime will be held.

During the second half of November until the beginning of December sessions of a number of regional Councils are planned which under the mottos of decentralization will demand the practice of contract relations between “the Cabinet of Ministers and local councils”. It is known that a number of regional Councils have previously approved such decisions and the SBU knows what political force initiated their entering into the agenda.

It is planned to hold meetings (forums) of communities with a further summarizing All-Ukrainian forum of local councils. Direct demands of federalization are not foreseen, a strategy of “creeping erosion” of the central authorities is chosen instead.

Simultaneously with destabilization in Kyiv, the Kremlin plans escalations in the lines. An element of the plan is tension, maximum intensification of bombardments, provocation of local conflicts etc. This tendency is being clearly fixed on the line of contact. The aim is to corner Ukrainian government and perform the attack in-and-out.

The SBU continues to take measures to reveal and block Russian encroachments upon the Constitutional order of Ukraine.

We call for the citizens not to let Russian secret services use them in their attempts to destabilize the situation and destroy Ukraine. We call for all political powers that do not want to become the participants of a foreign game that is hostile to the national interests of Ukraine to be vigilant and careful.


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