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Donetsk Region – SBU receives another evidence of Russian aggression

SBU officials detected a dead shell of “Smerch” multiple launch rocket system of Russian manufacture in the ATO area.

The shell fell near the local resident yard in Berezove of Mariinka District of Donetsk Region. According to expert findings, the marking of the shell is indicative of militants’ usage of 300-mm dispensing warhead missile with fission submunition elements. These rockets are manufactured only in Russia and “Smerch” rocket launcher can solely be operated by career military officers.

The special service officials together with the military prosecutor’s office recorded the fact of “Smerch” multiple launch rocket system use and added it to evidences of Russian aggression in the framework of the criminal investigation.

Reference: the mentioned shells contain 72 9H235 submunition elements, sustaining 6,912 fragments for injuring of soft skin equipment and 25,920 fragments for destroying military personnel. The fragment footprint of one submunition element is 300-1100 m2. ZP-2-95 marking points at manufacturing plant (ZP – manufacturing plant in Russia; such devices were never manufactured in Ukraine), the lot number and YOM (1995).               

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