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Bukovyna - SBU stops illegal output of gravel-sand mixture

Chernivtsi Region - SBU officers revealed a group of offenders, who illegally extracted gravel-sand mixture on industrial scale in the territory of protected environmental zone of Prut River.  

Law enforcers established that offenders extracted illegal raw materials during a month near the village of Mahala Novoselytskyi District. They removed and sold daily almost 100 ton of mixture. Intruders used heavy specialized equipment for output without appropriate documents and licenses.   

According conclusions of experts, the amount of damage to ecology is over 100 000 UAH.

SBU officers and Police withdrew five units of equipment to the value of 1,500,000 UAH from offenders and moved to car pound.

The criminal case was initiated under Part 2 Article 240 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The pretrial investigation is under way.

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