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16:07, 07 april 2017
The law-enforcers established that officials of the units of the fiscal service directorate approved VAT charge of over 90 million UAH to the group of commercial entities. When conducting the approval procedure the official intentionally failed requirements of a range of legislative acts and didn’t conduct the check of VAT charge soundness in a proper way.
15:56, 07 april 2017
The offender was operationally detained by the SBU officials and received imprisonment for 2 years and 6 months on probation.
15:43, 07 april 2017
Four drug pushers (three of them are women) smuggled methadone, cannabis and opiates from Zhytomyr and Lviv regions. Afterwards the drugs distributed through the network of family relations across western region. The criminal group acted by clearly allocated responsibilities in compliance with severe conspiration, involving infants into the “business”.
14:34, 07 april 2017
SBU officials jointly with the Prosecutor’s General Office detected investigator of one of district units of Kyiv Police in extortion of 10 thousand USD.
13:11, 07 april 2017
The law-enforcers established that offenders set re-equipment of starting and gas guns and pistols in combat. They organized in their residences the complete manufacture and quench cycle and also adjustment of missing parts. In particular, the dealers manufactured riffle barrels, breech mechanisms and rounds. The organized picked out clients via Internet, they sent goods to customer by mail, after incoming pay to payment card.
11:29, 07 april 2017
52-years old woman and 45-years old man since 2014 have been active participants of anti-Ukrainian groups in the Internet, and in 2016 they have been recruited by the RF special services representatives.
10:00, 07 april 2017
The customs officials, taking positions of chief state inspectors, regularly received money from local enterpriser for free importing of goods from the territory of the Russian Federation.
20:53, 06 april 2017
The SBU Chief investigative directorate conducts pretrial investigation in the criminal proceeding, initiated under p.5 Article 191, p.1 Article 328 and p.1 Article 366 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. In its frameworks it is established that during 2014-2015 specialized state enterprise executed works of generating, construction and adjustment of protected telecommunication network for the State migration service (SMS). During the contract execution, the part of money was embezzled because of previous concert with several officials of the SMS and the State service of special communications.
19:03, 06 april 2017
The “turncoat” regularly extorted money from citizens for issuing them new passports. The extorter estimated one document at 3 thousand UAH.
17:39, 06 april 2017
The SBU Office in Khmelnytskyi region operatives detained the courier in Odessa bus station after receiving of package and seized an explosive device from inside in equivalent of 600 gr TNT.

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