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SBU blocks scheme of illegal export of timber in Zhytomyr region

The SBU officers together with the Police and Prosecutor’s Office revealed a scheme of illegal export of pine timber to one of the Asian countries in Zhytomyr region.

The criminals from a Korostyshiv enterprise with foreign investments bought unregistered and illegally deforested timber in Zhytomyr region. After that, they legalized it through a number of controlled commercial structures of Luhansk and Kharkiv regions and after the export was permitted, transported it abroad.

In such a way, the criminals exported almost 800 cubic meters of timber at a minimal price of 2 million UAH.

During another attempt of export of pine sawfly under fake documents the law enforcers confiscated a container with timber worth 100,000 UAH.

The pretrial investigation under Part 4 Article 358 (falsification of documents, seals, stamps and blanks, sale or use of fake documents, seals and stamps) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine is under way. The measure of state damages and real amount of illegally exported timber are being considered.


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