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15:16, 05 april 2017
According to the results of the analysis of open bids for transport purchase held by a public utility of Lyman city in Donetsk region, the winner had to supply to the customer ‘PAZ’ buses of ‘Pavlovskyi Bus Factory’ Ltd (the Russian Federation).
12:04, 05 april 2017
The SBU operatives detected a cache with two RPG-26 reactive antitank grenades, four RGD-5 grenades and F-1grenades with fuses and large amount of rounds of 5.45 mm caliber in one of the forest plantations near Polovynkyne village in Luhansk region. The SBU enforcers seized from the cache over 1,600 rounds of different caliber, fuse of RKG-3 antitank grenade, 9 PG-7 shells of a grenade launcher and 25 machinegun belts in the region of Kurahove in Donetsk region.
11:40, 05 april 2017
The deputy head of one of the divisions of State Ecological Inspection systematically received money from businessmen importers for not conducting ecological and radiological control of goods imported to the country. He evaluated his inactivity between 700 and 2,000 UAH depending on the ‘complexity of the issue’.
11:35, 05 april 2017
Since 2016 the criminals sold the illegally deforested wood in Zhytomyr region, which was processed at private woodworking enterprises of Dnipropetrovsk region, abroad under fake documents.
11:12, 05 april 2017
In the beginning of 2014 militants of so-called LNR detained a resident of Lysychansk and forced him to picket and guard the facilities controlled by the terrorists. During a month of picketing, the man saw with his own eyes disturbance and lawlessness caused by the militants in his native town.
17:16, 04 april 2017
SBU officials jointly with the Police detected arms cache in Kharkiv region.
17:05, 04 april 2017
Novokakhovskyi city court returned guilty of two residents of Kherson region in trespass against territorial integrity and constitutional order of Ukraine following the SBU materials.
16:24, 04 april 2017
SBU officials jointly with the Prosecutor’s Office and internal security of the Police detained first deputy head of one of Police units in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi district of Kyiv region for the bribe.
15:48, 04 april 2017
SBU officials detected arms cache near Novohrodivka (Donetsk region).
15:16, 04 april 2017
SBU officials jointly with the Border guards prevented smuggling of potent drugs in Volyn region.

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