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14:55, 04 april 2017
SBU officials jointly with the Border guards and Customs officers prevented smuggling of ancient icons and coins to Russia.
12:06, 04 april 2017
SBU officials jointly with the Police during the last decade of March detected two residents of Kharkiv, conducting bomb scare calls.
10:22, 04 april 2017
SBU officials jointly with the Customs and the Prosecutor’s Office blocked smuggling channel of drugs to our country.
10:15, 04 april 2017
SBU CI officials detected attempt of recruiting resident of Luhansk region by the special services of Russia.
10:05, 04 april 2017
SBU officials in the frameworks of the Program “Waiting for you at home” persuaded the former militant of so-called “DPR” to lay down arms and return to peaceful life voluntarily.
17:25, 03 april 2017
The official of the SBU National Academy Olha Kharlan who is the silver and bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and twice bronze medalist of the Europe Fencing Championship in individual and team championship got the prestigious Ukrainian award ‘Sporting Hero of the Year-2016’.
17:20, 03 april 2017
The SBU officers revealed two caches with weapons and ammunition in the ATO area.
15:27, 03 april 2017
SBU officials jointly with the Prosecutor’s Office and internal security of state financial service and border guards detected officials of Odessa customs in organization of a shadow scheme of auto legalization.
13:21, 03 april 2017
35 years old official regularly extorted money for giving of land plots, belonging to village council, in the outskirts of Kharkiv. In particular, the extorter demanded 21 thousand UAH from the local resident for putting in property 0,15 ha land plot for housing construction.
12:18, 03 april 2017
The law-enforcers detained resident of Nizhyn in due course of receiving mailing with 100 LSD blotter papers. At the black market prices the value of seized drug comprises nearly 300 thousand UAH.

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