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10:41, 12 january 2017
The criminal demanded from a Bukovyna resident 1,000 EUR for assistance in illegal transportation of cigarettes across state border bypassing checkpoints.
09:41, 12 january 2017
The Security Service of Ukraine together with the Police and State Fiscal Service Internal Security under procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office apprehended a corrupt official of tax inspection in Lutsk.
18:09, 11 january 2017
The SBU officers stopped the activity of a powerful underground production of illegal spirits in Odesa region.
14:30, 11 january 2017
The law enforcers apprehended the head of social and psychological service department of the social and educational work division of the facility at the colony checkpoint. During examination, the SBU officers revealed at the major dozes of hashish, cannabis and amphetamines hidden in cigarettes and intended for the prisoners.
11:40, 11 january 2017
A 39-year old separatist spread messages on the Internet aimed at liquidation of Ukrainian state, creation of “novorosiia” pseudo-state formation, detachment of the western regions of Ukraine, strengthening of civil opposition between Donbas residents and citizens of other regions, provocation of mass disturbances and escalation of armed conflict.
10:22, 11 january 2017
Donetsk resident joined the terrorists in 2014 because of despair and financial problems. He served his duty at checkpoints, examined vehicles and documents of the citizens.
15:20, 10 january 2017
The bribetakers demanded cards for fuel to the amount of 15,000 UAH from entrepreneur for issuance of documents with marks of removing vehicles of the private enterprise from military registration.
09:36, 10 january 2017
In 2014, the man joined the illegal armed group, kept guard, checked documents and cars of citizens. Having disenchanted with ideology of «novorosiia» and realizing the illegality of his actions, he voluntarily refused to take part in military actions.
10:50, 09 january 2017
Law enforcers established that over 800 citizens of Ukraine received social payments from state budget in the territory of Stanytsia-Luhanska District, although they resided in the temporarily occupied territory.
11:35, 06 january 2017
In 2015, the citizen of Dobropillia Donetsk region joined the illegal armed group, but realizing the illegality of his actions, voluntarily refused to take part in military actions.

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