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09:58, 03 april 2017
The SBU officers apprehended two drug dealers attempting to sell more than 0.5 kg of psychotropic substances. According to the ‘black market’ prices their value is 250,000 UAH.
09:23, 03 april 2017
SBU officials jointly with Boryspil local Prosecutor’s Office detected embezzlement of almost 30 million UAH by the management team of “International airport “Boryspil”” state enterprise.
09:11, 03 april 2017
The law-enforcers established that the customs inspector regularly extorted money from passengers of trains for free transportation of goods in hand luggage through the border.
13:54, 02 april 2017
The SBU chairmanship, the blood brothers from different SBU Offices and other power bodies, residents of the city came to pay last respects to Oleksandr. “We’ll do our best for finding killers as quick as possible, I’m sure, that Oleksandr death – is a work of terrorists, fighting against whom became a matter of his life”, - the SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak noticed in his speech.
15:59, 01 april 2017
In the process of demining the positions of one of the Ukrainian Armed Forces units at the delimitation line, in particular near Teremchuk village in Donetsk region the law enforcers disarmed among others PMN-2 antipersonnel mine. Such ammunition is prohibited for use and keeping by one of the international conventions.
14:37, 01 april 2017
The law enforcers established that the organizers of the illegal business produced fabricated broad-ranging drugs in one of the storages in Odesa. The production and packing of the goods was conducted in insanitary conditions. The criminals sold the fabricated drugs in the territory of the region through private and other pharmacy networks. The part of the drugs was sold in other regions of Ukraine. According to previous estimations, the criminals managed to sell fabricated drugs for almost 30 million UAH.
13:17, 01 april 2017
Over last week SBU officials jointly with the police detected three residents of Chernihiv region, who informed about pseudo mining of facility.
12:39, 01 april 2017
Law enforcers established that the resident of Odessa has served as machine gunner of illegal armed group since 2014. In order to “rest” in his hometown, he decided to enter Ukraine through Russia. SBU operatives took the militant off the train “Moskva-Odessa” at the “Konotop” railway station in Sumy region.
11:50, 01 april 2017
The law enforcers established that the resident of Holosiivskyi district of the country organized a factory for re-equipment of component parts of deactivated weapons into fighting ones in his own apartment and garage.
10:00, 01 april 2017
The representatives of the media who got permission to stay in the ATO area, can perform their editorial tasks in the areas that are not situated directly at the line of conflict. The necessity to get additional sanction for conducting photo and video recording of the military objects and staff was in the previous edition of the Rules. The move of the journalists to the frontline is possible only after the authorization of the route by the ATO Staff Press Center and under the escort of a press-officer. This provision also did not change.

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