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10:15, 28 november 2016
According to the pretrial investigation, “dirty cops” specialized in brigandism, robberies, illegal searches, tortures, extortion, bribe taking, fraud, etc. Being aware of the law-enforcement bodies’ work, they intently prepared for every crime, tracking their victims for a long time.
16:17, 26 november 2016
The Head of the SBU in his address on the occasion of Holodomor Victims Memorial Day stated, that Holodomor itself is as horrible, as the policy of the USSR and its successors aimed to disguise that crime. “Soviet totalitarian regime was not the only one to try to deprive Ukrainian nation of memory, dignity and patriotism. Present Russian successors of the communist empire are doing the same”, he underlined.
12:59, 26 november 2016
The SBU officers together with the Prosecutor’s Office stopped the activity of a call-center used for illegal blackmailing the debtors of Mykhailivskyi Bank in Kyiv for the benefit of the former bank owner.
11:38, 26 november 2016
The law enforcers established that the officials “priced” continuation of rent of the marketplaces – located on the land owned by the Ministry of Defense – at one of the biggest markets of Odesa 20 thousand USD for each place. Such a fare for reissue of the rent agreements they settled for 45 local businessmen.
09:00, 26 november 2016
The Law enforcers found out that the resident of Kostiantynivka, Donetsk Region, joined terrorists and took part in auto patrol of the so-called DNR. After witnessing militants’ harassment and inhuman treatment towards subordinates the man decided to leave the illegal armed group.
16:28, 25 november 2016
On November 25, the Anti-terrorist Center Coordination Group under the SBU office in Ternopil region conducted planned command-staff anti-terrorist training in the base of National Teachers College.
16:05, 25 november 2016
In Volodymyr-Volynskyi in Volyn region the SBU officers together with the Military Prosecutor’s Office revealed a head of a storage of one of the military bases who sold rounds.
16:02, 25 november 2016
The SBU officers apprehended a member of information network of an illegal armed formation of the so-called LNR in the ATO area in Luhansk region.
15:26, 25 november 2016
The SBU blocked the illegal activity of providers of Russian spy programs.

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