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15:02, 17 september 2016
Volodymyr Zhemchuhov and UN official Yurii Suprun were released from captivity. They have already been brought to Ukrainian territory. They will be granted necessary medical aid.
12:41, 17 september 2016
The SBU revealed that the criminals systematically illegally transferred food, household chemicals and other goods to the uncontrolled territories.
09:12, 17 september 2016
The SBU officers revealed four hidden RPG-26 grenade launchers at the top of an abandoned building in the village of Pavlopil, Donetsk Region.
15:01, 16 september 2016
The Netherlands Ambassador Kees Klompenhouwer on behalf of his state thanked the SBU for its work that resulted in returning the paintings stolen 10 years ago from a Westfries Museum in Hoorn.
10:48, 16 september 2016
In 2014 a resident of Stanytsia Luhanska under the impact of “russkii mir” propaganda joined an illegal armed unit as a member of which guarded a checkpoint.
10:35, 16 september 2016
The SBU officers jointly with prosecutors detained an official of the Ivano-Frankivsk City Office of the State Enforcement Service of Ukraine.
12:17, 15 september 2016
During examination the museum director Ad Geerdink and art expert Ronald de Jager confirmed authenticity of the four paintings and thanked the SBU for its work.
12:01, 15 september 2016
The criminals who appeared to be a Ukrainian citizen and a citizen of a Middle East country were pretending to be governmental official assistants.
10:45, 15 september 2016
The SBU officers jointly with military prosecutors and officers of the National Police detained two officials of the Volyn MIA Territorial Service Center.
13:08, 14 september 2016
The SBU together with the National Police prevented embezzlement of property by a state aircraft repair plant in Konotop, Sumy Region at the amount of 250,000 UAH as well as illegal trafficking in military goods.

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