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09:56, 24 february 2017
The SBU officers together with the Prosecutor’s Office and State Fiscal Service Internal Security revealed a corrupt head of a division of one of the tax inspections in Kharkiv.
09:43, 24 february 2017
SBU officials condemned the chief of the communal enterprise in the sphere of housing maintenance and utilities board in bribetaking in Kropyvnytskyi.
17:42, 23 february 2017
The SBU officers under procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office revealed a corrupt head of one of the District State Administrations in Zhytomyr region.
16:51, 23 february 2017
The criminals got access to the cards of clients of foreign and national banking institutions and fabricated payment cards. The hackers’ activity was coordinated by the Russian Federation and its victims were clients of the EU, US and Ukrainian banks.
15:56, 23 february 2017
The law-enforcers established that a friend, who wanted to do military service in the border troops called to the senior officer of the AF GS training support unit. In order to “settle the issue” the colonel reached his colleague, one of chiefs of the State border guard service Main center of stuffing support, who had set 6 thousands USD for the placement of man.
15:55, 23 february 2017
At present the suspects give testimony about the involvement in a series of assaults and murder.
15:54, 23 february 2017
In one of the garages the SBU officers revealed 80 unrecorded S-8KO missiles. The missile warhead contains up to 1 kg of explosives that by 6 times exceeds the TNT damage capability. In addition, near Avdiivka the law enforcers confiscated a Shmel flamethrower that was left by the militants of DNR terrorist organization after a military clash with ATO forces.
11:50, 23 february 2017
SBU officials under procedural supervision of the prosecutor general’s office terminated activities of clandestine counterfeit milk products production facility.
10:36, 23 february 2017
SBU jointly with the Military prosecutor and internal security of National police detained duty officer of police unit of Kamyanka (Dnipropetrovsk region), trying to push half kilo of gage.
17:15, 22 february 2017
The criminal demanded 2,000 USD from a resident of a district center for getting positive decision of the land commission and the City Council session about delivering into possession and leasing out some land allotments.

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