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SBU blocks activity of providers of Russian spy programs (video)

The SBU blocked the illegal activity of providers of Russian spy programs.

Ukrainian commercial structures controlled by the Russian secret services set up spy software on computers and mobile terminals via direct or remote access under the guise of so-called DLP-systems (used for protection from leak of information), parents control programs, programs of control over the quality of work of enterprise workers etc.

The Russian intelligence services used spy software to illegally get information from computer networks of military and industrial enterprises, executive bodies, critical infrastructure, banks, airports, factories and state and private companies of Ukraine.

The SBU officers conducted searches in 10 commercial structures and confiscated spy software and documentation of its realization.

In addition, the law enforcers apprehended a group of people who under the guise of providers of legal program products set up malicious programs in Ukrainian enterprises including the defense sector.

A criminal case under part 2 Article 359 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine is launched.

The pretrial investigation is under way.


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