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SBU stops activity of call-center used for illegal blackmailing debtors of Mykhailivskyi Bank in Kyiv

The SBU officers together with the Prosecutor’s Office stopped the activity of a call-center used for illegal blackmailing the debtors of Mykhailivskyi Bank in Kyiv for the benefit of the former bank owner.

In the framework of the pretrial investigation under Part 5 Article 191 and Article 218-1 of embezzling bank money by a former owner the law enforcers established that the criminals passed a part of Mykhailivskyi Bank debt obligations to another financial institution. Using controlled capital call-center the criminals illegally contacted the bank loaners and demanded to pay money on its accounts.

In the process of searches in the call-center premises the SBU officers found lists of bank depositors, database of the debtors, around 1,000 empty and filled blanks of “Bank “Mykhailivskyi” and a lot of SIM-cards used for contacting the clients.

The activity of the call-center is stopped.

During the meeting with the clients of Mykhailivskyi Bank the President of Ukraine entrusted the SBU with checking the legality of demanding money from the bank loaners in the framework of a criminal case.

The pretrial investigation is under way.


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