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SBU lights candles to commemorate Holodomor victims

The Security Service of Ukraine joined the all-Ukrainian campaign “Light a candle”. Lights of memory appeared in the windows of the SBU buildings to honor the memory of 84th anniversary of Holodomor.  The SBU leaders and officers took part in memorial events in the capital and all regions of Ukraine.

The Head of the SBU in his address on the occasion of Holodomor Victims Memorial Day stated, that Holodomor itself is as horrible, as the policy of the USSR and its successors aimed to disguise that crime. “Soviet totalitarian regime was not the only one to try to deprive Ukrainian nation of memory, dignity and patriotism. Present Russian successors of the communist empire are doing the same”, he underlined.

According to the leader of the Service, an imperishable memory of the Holodomor-Genocide victims is the guarantee of the victory over the enemy. “We can only freely talk about our own history, when we have an independent democratic state, functioning in compliance with the European values of freedom and equality”, the SBU Head is confident.

According to the director the SBU Archives Andrii Kohut, although a great mass of information about Holodomor has already been opened, continuous search, systematization, declassification and publishing of information about this tragic page in our history are in progress.

More than 21 thousand of archival criminal cases are about repressions of 1932-1933. “Totalitarian system did not only kill by famine, but also repressed everyone, who had merely been trying to tell the truth”, Andrii Kohut said.

Archivists published bills of indictment, interview records, files of the arrested, procedural – mostly the last – photographs, decisions of the Soviet times about rejection of rehabilitation.

Defendants produced by the KGB officers were accused of opposing to taking away bread, hiding or stealing it, “counterrevolutionary” propaganda against collectivization, unreasonable taxing and procurement of bread, as well as committing “terrorist acts” against Soviet authorities and activists.

For details please visit Electronic Archives of the Liberation Movement at avr.org.ua.

Reference data:  on August 1931 USSR Central Executive Committee and Council of People’s Commissioners adopted a decision On Protection of Property of the State Enterprises, Collective Farms and Cooperation and Strengthening of Public (Socialist) Property. It “protected” property taken away from peasants from the attempts to return it and provided for strict responsibility – shooting or 10 years of corrective works. The decision remained in people’s memory as “law on five pieces of wheat”.

In 2009 the Security Service of Ukraine launched and investigated a criminal case upon the fact of committing Genocide in 1932-1933 in Ukraine. The case consists of 253 volumes, with 1,730 witnesses, 735 localities in 17 regions, the residents of which were destroyed by famine. Ukrainian court name by name announced state and party leaders of the USSR and Ukrainian SSR the main culprits of the Genocide of the Ukrainian nation.

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