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SBU detects criminal-policemen gang in Kropyvnytskyi

SBU together with the prosecutor general’s office dissolved activities of the organized criminal group, consisting of the police chiefs and operative officers in Kropyvnytskyi.

The secret service officials detained the gang members back in July 2016 in the course of 200 000 UAH extortion from the local resident for avoiding of criminal responsibility for allegedly sexual abuse of minors.

According to the pretrial investigation, “dirty cops” specialized in brigandism, robberies, illegal searches, tortures, extortion, bribe taking, fraud, etc. Being aware of the law-enforcement bodies’ work, they intently prepared for every crime, tracking their victims for a long time.

One of the chiefs of the Kropyvnytskyi police office unit was the gang organizer. He involved three his subordinates and one civilian into the criminal activities.

On November 21 the offenders were notified of suspicion under p.2 Article 127, p.2 Article 162, p.2 Article 190, p.2 Article 185, p.3 Article 15, p.3 Article 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The investigative actions are under way.       

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