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SBU reveals cache with unguided air-to-surface missiles and Shmel flamethrower of Russian production in ATO area

The SBU revealed a cache with unguided air-to-surface missiles near Svatove in Luhansk region.

In one of the garages the SBU officers revealed 80 unrecorded S-8KO missiles. The missile warhead contains up to 1 kg of explosives that by 6 times exceeds the TNT damage capability.

In addition, near Avdiivka the law enforcers confiscated a Shmel flamethrower that was left by the militants of DNR terrorist organization after a military clash with ATO forces.

Such flamethrowers are in operational service in the Russian army that indicates the presence of Russian Armed Forces in the territory of Ukraine.

Urgent investigative actions are under way.


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