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10:30, 09 november 2016
The caches were equipped in Bohoiavlenka of Donetsk region, Toshkivka and Petropavlivka of Luhansk region. The law-enforcers seized 187 shells 122 mm caliber, 4 RGD-5 grenades, one munition for grenade launcher and 200 gr TNT block.
10:21, 09 november 2016
The woman will be set free, if during pretrial investigation it is established that she hasn’t take direct part in combat operations and hasn’t committed serious crimes.
19:20, 08 november 2016
The law enforcers established that the official demanded a total monthly “tribute” of 100,000 UAH from his subordinates.
17:09, 08 november 2016
The SBU officers in Odesa stopped the activity of a conversion center organized by a Russian citizen.
12:41, 07 november 2016
The militant informed the special service officials that the technical training and interoperation of his unit were conducted by the RF regular soldiers.
10:13, 05 november 2016
In 2014 a man, along with many others, believed in ideas of “novorossia” and joined illegal paramilitary unit. He reconditioned vehicles and was in charge at the check-point, where he maintained order. After liberation of Lysychansk from the militants he a great while took cover on the Russian Federation territory.
19:18, 04 november 2016
The special service Head underlined effective cooperation with the local government.
15:51, 04 november 2016
The solemn ceremony was visited by: the heads of Odessa region defense and law-enforcement agencies, the local power, and the SBU regional office servicemen. The memorial was unveiled by wife and mother of fallen special service officials Andriy Haluschenko and Hennadiy Bilichenko.
13:03, 04 november 2016
The colonel of police through the intermediary of his deputy and lawyer extorted 11 thousands USD for diversion from the taking of bribe to improper influence. They planned to pass 5 thousands USD to the prosecutor’s office and remaining the bribetakers had to distribute against each other.
10:38, 04 november 2016
It turned out that that the couple of roma origin (both have already served 12 and 8,5 years in jail for the organization of drug trafficking) and their son were the gang organizers. Also Berdychiv crime boss and two members of his gang were involved into the protection racket of drug trafficking. Their accomplice, which for now serves sentence in one of Berdychiv jails, controlled drug distribution in correction facilities of the region.

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