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11:13, 29 december 2016
In Kyiv region the SBU officers together with the Prosecutor’s Office stopped mass production of fabricated electric and cable output that did not meet state quality and safety standards.
10:22, 29 december 2016
The resident of Donetsk region joined militants in 2014. He kept guarding the checkpoints, inspected documents and vehicles of civilians. In due course he realized that the gain is a key idea of “novorosia” leaders and he had refused from illegal activities.
09:49, 29 december 2016
The cache was located in Zoria village of Nikolskyi district in Donetsk region in the back office of an abandoned house. The SBU officers confiscated from the cache 83 shells of different calibers, 3 grenades, a 120 mm mortar bomb, an anti-tank mine and more than 1,000 rounds of different calibers.
17:16, 28 december 2016
The SBU together with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police conducted searches in the “KSG Bank” joint-stock company in the framework of a criminal case under Part 4 Article 190 of the criminal Code of Ukraine (fraud) about illegal embezzlement of 386 million UAH.
12:13, 28 december 2016
For some years the organizers of the channel ordered strong drugs via the Internet. To evade criminal responsibility the criminals divided the parcels into small lots and received drugs in wrappers with letters and in plastic packings containing compact disks with allegedly recorded software.
10:06, 28 december 2016
The secret service operatives seized two RPG-22 anti-tank rockets, five shotguns, eleven grenades and three thousands rounds of different caliber from the caches located in Donetsk (Shyrokine village) and Luhansk (Oleksiivka village) regions.
14:58, 27 december 2016
The organizers of the center minimized tax liabilities for the enterprises of real economy and converted “shadow” resources into cash through a number of fake firms.
13:04, 27 december 2016
The law enforcers stopped a lorry on Sumy-Kyiv highway near a regional center. In the process of examining the vehicle that officially transported plastic the SBU officers revealed 350,000 packs of cigarettes of European brands without excise stamps.
11:24, 27 december 2016
Secret service operatives established that the lawyer extorted eight thousands UAH from the local resident, the son of which is under an accusation of car theft. The malefactor promised to settle with law-enforcers in order to prevent the man from custody as a measure of restraint. In fact the lawyer planned to embezzle the money.
10:00, 27 december 2016
In the process of examining vehicles at the checkpoints in Donetsk and Luhansk regions the law enforcers revealed four cars the drivers of which secretly tried to import goods to the temporarily occupied territories.

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