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10:25, 30 march 2017
Near one of the strong points of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donetsk region located at the contact line the law enforcers revealed ‘Shmel’ rocket flame-thrower. The weapon of Russian manufacture was in working order and ready for use.
18:57, 29 march 2017
SBU officials terminated activity of fake non-governmental organization “Protection of minorities” in Bukovyna. Founders of the organization provided anti-Ukrainian propaganda for money of Russian curators.
18:41, 29 march 2017
SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak keeps in touch with the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine Jan Pieklo. The SBU Head Chief of Staff Oleksandr Tkachuk and the head of the SBU Department of national statehood protection Viktor Kononenko informed this in due course of briefing.
17:28, 29 march 2017
SBU jointly with the Police neutralized in Kharkiv the interregional group of professional criminals, specializing in elite cars thefts.
17:18, 29 march 2017
SBU detected organized criminal group the members of which forged passports and other documents, giving the right to free crossing of the state border of Ukraine or to residence and staying in the EU countries.
14:15, 29 march 2017
According to Feloniuk, investigation and operational group of the SBU and the National Police officials under procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office is formed in the region. Also on the scene of the crime operates the group of specialists from the SBU Headquarters for the support in complete and impartial investigation.
12:19, 29 march 2017
The law enforcers established that three servicemen systematically ‘discharged’ fuel and sold it to local businessmen. They transported the stolen materials out of the base using company vehicles. The SBU officers recorded the criminals selling more than 800 liters of diesel oil.
11:49, 29 march 2017
The so-called “ministierstvo vnutriennih diel” which has been created in November 2014, is a structural subdivision of the power block of terroristic pseudo-republic. Members of the group performing illegal prosecutions and the use of coercive measures, including those related to illegal deprivation of Ukrainian citizens liberty. Most members of the terror group took active part in combat operations against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
11:26, 29 march 2017
The SBU officers established that in August 2015 the 40-year old financier from Luhansk Vitalii Zamuruiev created a non-banking commercial firm ‘ROSFINGROUPP’. Approved by the so-called LNR State Committee on Taxes and Duties the firm began to administer foreign exchange operations, money transfers and integrated the temporarily occupied territories into ruble zone. In addition, ‘ROSFINGROUPP’ paid cash money to the members of the terrorist organization from their bank accounts.
10:51, 29 march 2017
The SBU will use every effort for establishing and detaining of malefactors at short notice. The provocations against the Republic of Poland, which once in a while occur in Ukraine, are of benefit only to one party – the Russian Federation, its methods of operation can be seen from far off.

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