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10:50, 29 march 2017
In the beginning of June 2014 the resident of Sloviansk decided to voluntarily join an illegal armed formation. During a week he served at checkpoints and controlled the movement of vehicles. After a while he delivered ‘humanitarian’ help to militants and civilians in the city. Since the beginning of the military actions in Donbas the future participant of the Program moved to Russia where he got to know about the SBU action of returning members of illegal armed formations to peaceful life.
10:25, 29 march 2017
The Capital Constructions department of Donetsk Regional State Administration has announced a tender for the construction of an administration building in Bakhmut. A commercial organization, which offered the most financially attractive offer, won the tender. While reviewing the submitted documents, SBU officials detected that businessmen “forgot” to indicate a number of infrastructure works provided by the terms of the tender in the application form.
09:23, 29 march 2017
Since May 2015 the 45-year old woman had systematically gathered information for militants about the deployment and movement of the staff and military equipment of the ATO forces.
19:34, 28 march 2017
The government servants systematically extorted money from entrepreneurs for unobstructed carrying out of an entrepreneurial business.
14:56, 28 march 2017
The bribetaker demanded from a convicted person 6,000 UAH for assistance in release on parole.
13:53, 28 march 2017
The doctor systematically extorted money from people, who needed medical treatment. In particular, the head of subdepartment extorted 100 000 UAH for carrying out surgery and post-surgery medical treatment.
13:01, 28 march 2017
The SBU officers together with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police revealed a member of one of the NGOs and a pseudo-commissioner of Khmelnytskyi territorial community security on taking bribes.
12:31, 28 march 2017
The SBU together with the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office stopped the activity of a gang of racketeers who systematically extorted money from businessmen in Yahotyn district of Kyiv region.
12:18, 28 march 2017
In Donetsk region the court released another participant of the SBU Program ‘Waiting for You at Home’ from criminal responsibility.
12:03, 28 march 2017
The SBU officers together with the Prosecutor General’s Office revealed a corrupt prosecutor of one of the local Prosecutor’s Offices in Lviv region.

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