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09:57, 27 december 2016
The mother of a former militant of illegal armed group launched an appeal to wives and mothers of those, whose husbands and sons continue to counter Ukrainian government.
16:07, 26 december 2016
In Kyiv the SBU officers apprehended a top manager of a supermarket network through which the DNR terrorist organization was financed.
13:33, 26 december 2016
The law-enforcers established that the malefactor has already had problems with the law for forgery and illicit storage of weapon. According to special service, the fraudster, using forged officer permit, was able to obtain several thousands of UAH from businessmen and officials allegedly for the support of different military units. The law-enforcers obtained from one of Ukrainian TV-channels additional information about the malefactor.
12:45, 26 december 2016
The policeman blackmailed entrepreneurs at every turn for making no difficulties during marketing near checkpoint “Novotroitske”.
11:58, 26 december 2016
In the process of searches in the apartments of the Kyiv resident the law enforcers confiscated a sniper rifle of foreign origin, 5 guns and 2 revolvers, 700 rounds of different calibers and 58 starting pistols remade into combat ones.
11:43, 26 december 2016
The law enforcers established that three Pokrovsk residents organized the channel using special telecommunication equipment. The criminals routed telephone traffic using IP-telephony via the Internet bypassing international commutation centers.
11:06, 26 december 2016
In Odesa region the SBU Internal Security Department revealed a group of swindlers who claimed to be SBU officers and demanded big sums of money from local businessmen threatening with criminal prosecution. The sums demanded started from 150,000 USD.
10:38, 26 december 2016
The resident of Luhansk joined the terrorists at the beginning of military actions but having understood the falseness of his choice ran away from his accomplices and had been hiding in the temporarily occupied territories.
10:15, 26 december 2016
The law-enforcers established that during 2014-2015 the man served in the DNR terrorist group and actually delivered ammunition supplies to militants. After lie out of promised money he firstly started out for Russia and then came over to relatives in Krasnohorivka, and hided there for a long time.
10:29, 24 december 2016
The Security Service of Ukraine officers revealed five caches with ammunition in the ATO areaЯкорь over the last couple of days.

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