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14:27, 18 october 2016
In Henichesk in Kherson region the SBU apprehended a nightclub manager who conducted illegal audio interception and video surveillance. In order to get private information to press the entrepreneurs the criminal equipped a number of rooms in a city hotel by special technical means of surreptitious obtaining of information. Mini video cameras built in TV cabinets transferred qualitative color picture and high quality sound to the server situated in the nightclub not far from the hotel.
10:22, 18 october 2016
In Donetsk region, the SBU officers together with the Fiscal Service confiscated illegal goods worth more than 500,000 UAH. The goods had to be exported to the temporarily occupied terrorists.
10:02, 18 october 2016
In Bakhmut in Donetsk region the SBU together with the police apprehended an active participant of the information network of the DNR terrorist organization.
18:18, 17 october 2016
In Lviv region, the SBU officers together with the Military Prosecutor’s Office revealed three corrupt deputies of the Vynnyky City Council. The law enforcers fixed that the officials, one of whom is the Deputy Head of Constant Land Relations, Environmental Protection and Architecture Commission, demanded from an entrepreneur 10,000 USD and a one-room flat worth more than 350,000 UAH. For that, the deputies promised the businessman their assistance in prolonging the rent of a land parcel for building a multi-flat house. This issue was put on the agenda of the City Council next session.
16:40, 17 october 2016
The SBU officers together with the Fiscal Service stopped a weapons supply channel from temporarily occupied territories for the so-called DNR sabotage groups.
15:26, 17 october 2016
Taking into account the escalation of conflict in the ATO area the SBU calls the citizens in all regions of the country to stay alert and inform the law enforcers of any suspicious subjects or individuals. The citizens can anonymously inform the SBU about such cases using the SBU hot line 0 800 501 482 or trust lines of the regional SBU departments.
12:40, 17 october 2016
The SBU officers stopped a massive illegal export of industrial wood to Turkey through Kherson river port. The law enforcers fixed that the organizers of the illegal business had fake documents for the illegally deforested production. The SBU officers together with the General Prosecutor’s Office revealed in the territory of the port almost 3,000 CBM of wood and confiscated fake documentation. The industrial wood is worth about 9 million UAH.
11:28, 17 october 2016
Within the SBU Department in Donetsk region the SBU Special Group “A” is revived. It consists of professional officers who have experience of conducting operations in the ATO area.
10:09, 17 october 2016
The SBU officers together with the National Police Department of Cyber Police stopped steals of money from the clients’ accounts in a city bank. The law enforcers fixed that the illegal attack at the electronic payment systems was organized by a married couple. The wife working as an operations analyst in a bank regional department had access to the numbers of the bank accounts and the codes of the clients. She copied the data and gave it to her husband. The criminal transferred the money to his own electron pockets in Russian payment systems. Then the couple transferred the money into cash.
12:41, 15 october 2016
The SBU officers together with Prosecutor’s Office stopped the mechanism of money extraction to offshore companies by Odesa businessmen. The law enforcers established that local businessman had extracted money of importer companies through a series of registered offshore companies. By artificial activity he had laundered around million dollars monthly.

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