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10:13, 14 december 2016
The informer of the militants acted directly near the line of contact and gave his handlers information about the location and shifts of Ukrainian units.
09:41, 14 december 2016
The SBU officers confiscated 7 RPG-26 and RPG-22 anti-tank rockets, 2 OZM-72 anti-personnel mines, 6 grenades, rifle-attached grenade launcher with 3 shells and more than 2,000 rounds of different calibers from the caches located in Donetsk (Shyrokine) and Luhansk (Starobilsk) regions.
17:41, 13 december 2016
In 2013 the official settled a number of sham contracts for supposedly building materials deliveries for money, received from realization of communal property. Due to his criminal activities the state was caused damages amounting to nearly 2,5 million UAH.
12:43, 13 december 2016
During the briefing, the SBU Chief of Staff Oleksandr Tkachuk said that from the beginning of the Russian aggression the SBU Military Counterintelligence has been collecting evidence of servicemen who became victims of tortures committed by DNR/LNR terrorist groups and their Russian handlers to force Ukrainian soldiers to cooperation.
12:33, 13 december 2016
In the cache with ammunition built in the utility room of a private farm the criminal kept 900 rounds to Kalashnikov assault rifle, a MON-50 antitank mine, three F-1, RGD-5 and RG-42 grenades and two shells for VOG-25P grenade launcher.
12:30, 13 december 2016
The law enforcers at different checkpoints stopped five cars, the drivers of which tried to transport goods to the temporarily occupied territories without necessary documentation. The SBU officers confiscated medical equipment, medicine, building materials and spare car parts from the illegal carriers.
12:24, 13 december 2016
SBU detained former chief intelligence officer of one of the army corps, who after captivity defected to terrorists. The deputy head of the SBU Chief Investigative Directorate Vitalii Mayakov and the SBU Chief of Staff Oleksandr Tkachuk informed about this during the briefing.
10:29, 13 december 2016
The resident of Donetsk region went to Donetsk under the influence of his friends and because of lack of work had joined illegal armed group of the so-called DNR. After getting weapon, military uniform and ID-card he guarded the home stations of militants there.
17:16, 12 december 2016
SBU jointly with the prosecutor’s office detained senior state enforcement officer of one of Kyiv district justice departments for the bribetaking.

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