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SBU apprehends nightclub manager who conducted illegal video surveillance

In Henichesk in Kherson region the SBU apprehended a nightclub manager who conducted illegal audio interception and video surveillance.

In order to get private information to press the entrepreneurs the criminal equipped a number of rooms in a city hotel by special technical means of surreptitious obtaining of information. Mini video cameras built in TV cabinets transferred qualitative color picture and high quality sound to the server situated in the nightclub not far from the hotel.

The SBU officers fixed that the nightclub manager was the organizer of illegal video surveillance.

In the process of searches in the premises of the hotel, the nightclub and in the criminal’s apartment, the law enforcers confiscated video cameras in trinkets and USB drivers, computer equipment with video information about the clients of the hotel, audio interception means nested in TV, SD-cards, USB drivers and laptops. In addition, an RGD-5 ball grenade was found I the working place of the detainee.

 The SBU investigators notified the criminal of suspicion under Part 2 Article 359 (illegal acquisition, sell or use of special technical means of obtaining information) and Part 1 Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives).

Investigative actions are under way to identify individuals involved into using special means of surreptitious obtaining of information.

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