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12:33, 24 october 2016
In Donetsk Region the Dzerzhynskyi City Court convicted a resident of Toretsk of gathering intelligence on Ukrainian troops for DNR terrorist organization.
12:14, 24 october 2016
Law enforcers established that a local resident and his accomplice from Khmelnytskyi Region ordered special devices via Internet from the Far East. Goods were sent to Ukraine in international shipping parcel. Offenders sold devices in the regional center, in particular to criminals.
11:54, 24 october 2016
Please be reminded that previously in Kyiv the SBU officers released a hostage and detained offenders. Gunmen demanded USD 150 thousand to set her free.
10:56, 24 october 2016
The offender joined militants in April 2014. He guarded with weapons checkpoints in Toretsk, verified documents and vehicles of Ukrainian citizens.
10:17, 24 october 2016
In different areas of Donbas, law enforcers detained three local residents trying to transport ammunition to peaceful regions of Ukraine. The SBU officers also found two caches with means of destruction in forest areas on the outskirts of the villages of Vodiane and Kalinine, Volnovakha District, Donetsk Region.
13:45, 22 october 2016
In 2013 managers of a commercial company concluded an agreement with an official representative of the VAT “Minski Autamabilny Zavod” for supply of 150 MAZ trucks and trailers worth more than USD 15 million. Received trucks were sold to other enterprises. Offenders converted obtained money into cash through shell companies and misappropriated.
12:39, 22 october 2016
Law enforcers detected over 56 000 packs of cigarettes without excise marks to the tune of UAH 1 100 000 in two cars which moved towards Ukrainian-Romanian border. 
12:30, 22 october 2016
The former terrorist of illegal formation «Kalmius» voluntarily laid down arms and returned to peaceful life in the framework of the SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home”.
09:13, 22 october 2016
Law enforcers established that organizers of illegal business directed an accomplice to Kyiv, who organized producing of duplicates of charge cards. The offenders «accepted orders» of local residents to draw money from their accounts for confident interest on the uncontrolled by Ukrainian authority territories. The entrepreneur regularly paid «taxes» to offices of so-called «LNR», which were directed to financing of illegal armed formations.
14:28, 21 october 2016
Kyiv – SBU officers in cooperation with General Prosecutor’s Office revealed illegal scheme of embezzlement over UAH 40,000,000 by entrepreneur, allocated to procurement of pharmaceuticals by state.

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