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12:55, 20 june 2017
In the middle of April 2014 the Bakhmut resident joined one of the DNR illegal armed formations, maintained ‘pass control’, built checkpoints, equipped trenches and harvested.
11:03, 19 june 2017
Two men joined illegal armed groups of the so-called “DNR” in 2014. Both of them assisted militants to equip “checkpoints” and fatigued. Realizing criminal nature and hopelessness of leaders of self-proclaimed republics actions, and also being out of conceit with “ideals of novorossia”, men left militants and were hiding for some time.
11:10, 20 may 2017
In April 2014, the citizen of Donetsk region joined the illegal armed formation. He equipped and strengthened checkpoints in Sloviansk and provided the pass control.
10:37, 17 may 2017
In May 2014 the resident of Donetsk region joined one of the illegal armed groups and served at checkpoints because of difficult financial situation.
17:36, 11 may 2017
The SBU officials convinced a former militant of so-called DNR to voluntarily lay down the arms and return to peaceful life in the framework of the Program “Waiting for You at Home”.
15:40, 05 may 2017
In Donetsk region the court released another participant of the SBU Program ‘Waiting for You at Home’ from criminal responsibility.
10:26, 03 may 2017
Two Donbas residents used the SBU Program ‘Waiting for You at Home’.
15:36, 28 april 2017
In December 2014 the resident of Antratsyt got in the commandant’s office of the so-called LNR. During the interrogation the leader of an armed gang, nicknamed ‘Sasha Chornyi’ threatening with physical intimidation forced the man to join the group.
10:20, 26 april 2017
The SBU officials convinced a former militant of so-called DNR to voluntarily lay down arms and return to normal life under the Program “Waiting for You at Home”.
17:07, 25 april 2017
In June 2014 because of lack of permanent job and financial problems the resident of Pokrovsk district in Donetsk region voluntarily joined an illegal armed formation of so-called DNR.

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