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14:25, 05 november 2019
SBU identified a former official of one of the defence plants of Ukroboronprom State Military Concern, who was trying to earn USD 2.5 mln by selling state property.
13:15, 05 november 2019
SBU counter-intelligence has recently exposed a range of Russia’s assets of 316 Intelligence Centre of Russia’s GU GS AF (Russia’s General Staff of Armed Forces). The head of the Centre, captain I rank Petr Kamenschikov has been fired for failures in operative activities.
18:49, 04 november 2019
SBU investigation helped to convict “LNR” militant involved in shelling of Ukrainian military units to 8 years of imprisonment.
14:01, 03 november 2019
The evidence obtained within investigation gives all the reasons to state that the SBU and the Prosecutor’s General Office will inform society about new substantial results of Kateryna Handziuk case before long. Chief of SBU Main Investigation Office Bohdan Tyvodar announced such information during the meeting with activists and journalists.
13:40, 02 november 2019
SBU exposed the officials of Mykolaiv customs office of the State Fiscal Service on large-scale abuse of authority.
11:42, 02 november 2019
SBU in Vinnytsia and Ternopil regions within the project of legalizing the shadow economy blocked manufacturing of large batches of forged alcohol that was posing a threat to the society and led to multi-million loses to the state budget.
19:34, 01 november 2019
SBU blocked the activity of underground producers of petrol and diesel fuel oil, who caused EUR 5,000,000 state damages.
17:05, 01 november 2019
SBU investigators and counter-intelligence case officers prevented an attempt of illegal transfer of military ships components to the aggressor country.
16:55, 01 november 2019
Case officers of the SBU Internal Security Directorate exposed SBU employee on money extortion in Odesa.
16:32, 01 november 2019
SBU blocked illegal mining of mineral resources for dozens millions of hryvnias in Ternopil region.

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