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18:09, 18 may 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine convoyed and handed the ISIS member over to law enforcement bodies of Georgia.
16:31, 18 may 2020
Thanks to the actions of the Security Service of Ukraine, almost 400 hectares of land will be returned to the Kyiv city community. The SBU documented the stage of taking the land plots out from the communal property of the territorial community of Kyiv and stopped this crime.
10:09, 18 may 2020
Last week, SBU cyber specialists have exposed almost 50 new Internet agitators which spread various fakes on pandemic COVID-19.
20:23, 16 may 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine in Kyiv detained a local when he attempted at selling half a kg of cocaine worth over USD 30,000 at black market.
16:11, 16 may 2020
“As long as Ukraine continues to face the threat of a hybrid war, CI activities are one of the SBU top priorities,” stated the SBU Head Ivan Bakanov during his working visit to Zhytomyr region, where he met with the new managing director and personnel of the regional SBU Office.
19:19, 14 may 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine blocked the illegal mining of raw amber, which was "protected" by an officer of the patrol police of Rivne region.
16:00, 14 may 2020
SBU CI materials helped to convict two members of the terrorist group of the so-called LNR involved in shelling of Ukrainian military positions.
09:51, 14 may 2020
The SBU suspects managers of Odesa Customs of organizing a large-scale corruption scheme during customs clearance.
17:14, 12 may 2020
The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy had a meeting with the relatives of the deceased SBU officers Denys Volochaiev and Dmytro Kaplunov, and handed them the orders of Golden Star.
12:35, 12 may 2020
An accomplice of the militants, exposed by the SBU for passing intelligence to terrorists of the so-called "LNR", was sentenced to imprisonment.

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