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10:33, 11 october 2018
The SBU officers jointly with the Prosecutor's Office exposed an official of Odessa regional military commissariat on a systematic bribetaking.
19:32, 10 october 2018
The SBU officers jointly with the Prosecutor’s Office within the initiated criminal proceedings, exposed the top management of one of the private credit company on using personal data arrays of Ukrainian citizens for “pseudo lending”.
18:28, 10 october 2018
In the SBU National Academy with the support of the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, round table on the topic: “Security Service of Ukraine:Ways of implementation of provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On National Security of Ukraine” was hold.
18:14, 10 october 2018
The Security Service of Ukraine rendered copies of declassified materials about Kyiv resident Leyba Dobrovskiy, the participant of the Ukrainian national liberation movement to his two relatives - citizens of the State of Israel.
16:19, 09 october 2018
SBU materials helped to convict a local resident who committed the state treason and planned a number of sabotage acts on the region’s territory.
15:38, 09 october 2018
The SBU officers detained a member of “DNR” terrorist organization in Zaporizzhia region.
12:44, 09 october 2018
“Russia implements a "creeping aggression” scenario in Ukraine” Vasyl Hrytsak the SBU Head noted, speaking at the security conference, which held in the framework of the Ukrainian Week in London.
11:16, 09 october 2018
SBU officers exposed on systematic bribes a state inspector of Odesa Customs Office post of the State Fiscal Service.
09:55, 09 october 2018
Due to an emergency event near Druzhba village of Ichnyanskyi district, the law enforcers’ investigative group of the SBU Central Department and the SBU headship arrived to the military unit A 1479 storage premises of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
16:57, 08 october 2018
In Zaporozzhia, the staff of the SBU National Academy presented a “Invisible Guard” art exhibition and requiem play “War Without a Date...”, dedicated to the memory of the SBU officer Yurii Zhuravlev and all the Heroes who gave their lives in the East.

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