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SBU: Russian special services preparing for new provocations after attack on Ukrainian ships (video)

Russian special services are preparing for new provocations after the armed aggression against Ukrainian ships near the Kerch Strait. The information was distributed by Igor Guskov, Chief of Staff of the SBU Head, jointly with the representative of GUR (military intelligence service) of Ukraine, at a joint briefing.

The first intercepted radio conversation was between one of the FSB officers and the commander of the Border Service ship “Don", captain 2nd rank O. Saliaev, who was served a notice of suspicion under Part 2 Article 437 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Ukrainian special services are considering two versions of events. The first - radio communications were run on a “discredited” data channel, later published by the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on November 26. "We do not rule out that “negligence” may be the prologue of a new, unexpected provocation of Russia’s special services,” Igor Guskov said. Eavesdropping shows that the Russians are trying to reproduce a fragment of intercepted earlier real negotiations during the attack on Ukrainian ships. Here, the representative of Russia’s FSB adjusts the sound volume of the two sentences, retransmitted by telephone from the board of the "Don” ship. Intercepted radio talks indicate that Russia’s special services are modeling the sound-noise environment of the ramming of Ukrainian ship “Yany Kapu”. Russian officer onboard the "Don" ship is asked to get the volume resembling that during real conversations on November 25th. All this is needed for falsification of a new record or records of conversation in order to conceal the Russian assault as, for example, armed provocations of Ukrainian ships. Any special service, when the opponent reveals the possibility of tapping of its employees, immediately changes the communication channels, or goes into the encrypted mode. The Russians, in particular, are trying to stick to this rule in the Donbas. “We assume that this has been done deliberately, and the radio conversations themselves are a sham," said the Chief of Staff of the SBU Head. According to him, through intentional leak of information, the FSB is trying to push the GUR (military intelligence service) or the SBU to its publication as proof of the Kremlin's criminal actions. In this case, Russian special services can virtually instantly release their own story about how this show was shot. This would result in the discrediting of Ukrainian intelligence services and a distrust to all radio intercepts previously published by the SBU, the Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Similar methods of falsification have already been repeatedly used by the Russian intelligence services and the Russian military to conceal their criminal activity on the territory of Ukraine. In July 2015, Russian media, in particular, was actively spreading the falsification of Russian intelligence services - allegedly intercepted talks between two US CIA officers discussing details of their training of the Ukrainian crew of the “BUK” missile system for the downfall of the Malaysian Boeing MH-17. Incidentally, in order to give “substance” to this fake, the President of the Russian Federation Putin personally hinted at the involvement of the United States in this tragedy during his interview with the widely known film director Oliver Stone. According to the second version, SBU does not rule out that neglect of the anti-intercept rules by representatives of Russian special services may be due to a low or even primitive level of their professionalism. Such “nonsense" of the Russian intelligence services was organized a la “Salisbury style", when two officers Russia’s military intelligence (formerly known as GRU) under the guise of "tourists" left so many traces of the crime in the UK that it would be enough for a collapse of more than a dozen agents.  "But in our case, this nonsense reveals the preparation of a new cynical provocation against Ukraine," said Igor Guskov.  "In the near future, the Service will publish additional information on Russia’s violation of international legal norms during the armed attack on Ukrainian ships near the Kerch Strait," said the Chief of Staff of the SBU Head.

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