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SBU received information about new wave of Russia’s secret services attempts to recruit Ukrainians

The SBU officers exposed another wave of attempts of Russian special services trying to engage our citizens in criminal activity in favour of the aggressor state.

A Kharkiv-based businessman involved in trans-state cargo services, applied to the SBU. The man informed that in April 2018 he was recruited by the officers of Russia’s FSB during the registration of the cargo at the Russian customs. By threatening to confiscate the cargo and the vehicle, to open a fake criminal case, representatives of the hostile secret service forced him to sign the commitment on covert cooperation.

On the enemy’s task, through personal ties in the Customs and Border authorities of Ukraine, the person had to collect information about the deployment, numbers and movement of Ukrainian military in the border territories, the information about personal Ids of border patrol units and the SBU officers in these units. The Ukrainian had to report the received information to the supervisor personally, during visits abroad.

On returning to Ukraine, our countryman instantly appealed to the SBU Regional Office in Kharkiv, reporting the fact of recruitment by Russia’s special services.

Such cases are many. SBU reminds that in accordance with Part 2 Art.111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, citizens of Ukraine who did not commit any criminal activity and voluntarily informed the authorities about the connection with the enemy special service, are released from criminal responsibility.


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