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16:19, 27 november 2018
SBU officers jointly with the State Fiscal Service blocked massive production and sales of falsified petrol oil in Chernihiv region.
14:34, 27 november 2018
SBU investigators and the military prosecutors of the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Southern Region of Ukraine issued a notice of of suspicion to the servicemen of the FSB Border Service and Russian Army who gave and executed criminal orders for attack on Ukrainian sailors, on grounds of criminal offenses provided for in Part 2 of Art. 437 (planning, preparing, starting and conducting an aggressive war), Part 2 of Art. 15 (attempt to commit a crime), Clause 1 Part 2 of Art. 115 (deliberate murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.
10:39, 27 november 2018
SBU officers found out the Chief State Inspector of one of the customs posts in Chernihiv.
02:52, 26 november 2018
Investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Military Prosecutor's Office started urgent investigative actions within the framework of criminal proceedings under Art. 437 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Planning, Preparation, Initiation and Conduct of an Aggressive War”, registered by the Prosecutor's Office of the Southern Region.
12:50, 24 november 2018
Dear colleagues, The Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine was an unprecedented crime of the Soviet totalitarian system against the Ukrainian people, the one that caused a national catastrophe.
12:11, 23 november 2018
The SBU exposed the recurrent attempts of Russian special services and their puppets on the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions on trying to engage our citizens in criminal activity in favour of the enemy.
09:24, 23 november 2018
SBU officers exposed two corrupt officials of the Main Department of State Fiscal Service in Kyiv region.
09:18, 23 november 2018
The officers of the Department of Protection of National Statehood jointly with the regional SBU Department in Sumy stopped the activity of transnational criminal group engaged in illegal transportation of natives from the Middle East and Central Asia to the European Union.
18:02, 22 november 2018
In the framework of countering illegal arms and explosives trafficking, the SBU officers exposed a serviceman of Armed Forces on illegal sale of munitions in Zhytomyr region.
16:47, 22 november 2018
SBU materials helped to sentence to five years of imprisonment a former deputy chairman of one of the District State Administration in Mykolaiv region.

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