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SBU detects organized criminal group, illegally imprisoning and torturing over 200 drug-addicted persons

SBU jointly with the Prosecutor’s General Office and the AR of Crimea Prosecutor’s Office terminated in Chernihiv region the illegal activities of organized criminal group, acting under cover of the center of drug users rehabilitation and specializing on unlawful confinement of persons.

The organizers of “business” took orders for compulsory medical treatment of persons in so-called rehabilitation center, which, according to their relatives or friends are suffering from drug, alcohol or other dependence.

The members of group visited “ordered” persons and forced them under duress to leave for “treatment”. In case of rejection they delivered complainants to rehabilitation center anyway, but already against their will, by force.

СБУ викрила організовану злочинну групу, що незаконно позбавила волі та катувала понад 200 наркозалежних

“The rehabilitants” were tortured and kept in specially equipped barracks and basements. Illegally imprisoned persons couldn’t leave the seat, the “supervisors” permanently stood over them. They also weren’t in charge of personal time and forcedly worked in woodusing industry and building works in favor of the owners of “rehabilitation center”.

In the result of the special operation the SBU officials set free over 200 “rehabilitants”, which have already confirmed the facts of torturing and infliction of serious bodily injuries to them. Also 22 supervisors were detained, including three persons, executing organizational functions.

During authorized searches the law-enforcers detected torturing items and the RGD-5 ball grenade and non-lethal weapon.

The criminal proceeding under p.2 Article 127 (torture) and p.3 Article 146 (illegal confinement or abduction of a person) of the Criminal code of Ukraine was initiated.

The urgent investigations are under way.

It should be recalled that last year the SBU officials terminated the network of places of illegal confinement of persons, functioning under the cover of paid rehabilitation centers for drug-addicted persons.       


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