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SBU terminates activities of clandestine drug laboratory in Poltava region (video)

SBU officials jointly with the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office terminated activities of clandestine drug laboratory in Poltava region.

The law-enforcers clarified that members of international organized drug group cultivated cannabis in the region. The offenders leased the storage, where they equipped clandestine drug laboratory.

The SBU officials established that dealers smuggled cannabis to Russia and to the EU countries for resale. They hided drug from the customs control in the vehicles, in particular, they equipped caches in the extra wheels.

During searches in the illicit drug laboratory the law-enforcers detected 300 bushes of cannabis, 400 young plants, 5 kg of ready for sale cannabis and equipment for its cultivation and storage. The “owners” planted every bush in a separate pot with special irrigation system. The daylight lamps lighted over the plants both in greenhouses and in hatchers.

The secret service operatives detained two drug group members.

The investigations in respect of detention all members of criminal group have been taking place in the frameworks of criminal proceeding under Article 307 and Article 311 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. 


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