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SBU exposes Russian special services intentions to block election support systems (video)

In Dnipro, SBU officers exposed the attempts of Russian special services to obtain data on communications networks that ensure the Presidential Elections in Ukraine.

SBU operatives documented that a resident of the regional center created and administered a group in the banned Russian social network. Law enforcers found that the criminal posted fake news and other destructive materials in social network, including public appeals to change the territorial boundaries and the state border of Ukraine. The administrators of the group included residents of the Russian Federation, and the number of its participants has been artificially increased to create an illusion of large-scale opposition to Ukrainian state.

During the investigation, the SBU officers also established that the Internet-based agent-provocateur, who is a contractor of a telecom organisation, was engaged in email exchange with a resident of Russia. The Russian was interested and collected data on the networks of strategically important mobile operators, the location of telecommunication nodes and the periods of time necessary to restore them after damage.

Russian special services reckon that massive damage to cable lines and the equipment of certain telecom operators will disrupt the stable operation of the units of the State Register of Voters, in parallel blocking the work of individual nodes of the Unified Information and Analytical System “Vybory", which is currently being deployed.

At present, under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor's Office, the pretrial investigation is ongoing in the framework of criminal proceeding initiated under Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. 


The main task of the Automated Information and Telecommunication System "The State Register of Voters" is the personalized registration and the creating of voter lists for the elections.

The unified information-analytical system "Elections" is designed to ensure the proper conditions for information and analytical service of electoral processes in Ukraine, as well as informatisation of the activities of Election Commissions and processes that are carried out during the preparation and conducting of the elections.


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