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Exposing militants and terrorists’ accomplices

15:23, 18 april 2019
The SBU officers detained a militant of L/DNR terrorist organizations in Zaporizzhia.
10:49, 15 april 2019
SBU materials help to convict a resident of Odessa involved in preparing and executing acts of terror in different regions of Ukraine. He was sentenced to 7 years 8 months’ imprisonment.
15:48, 09 april 2019
The SBU officers exposed the scheme used for legalization of “L/DNR” militants on the government-controlled territory of Ukraine.
10:39, 23 march 2019
The SBU officers exposed and detained a militant of DNR terrorist organization in Kharkiv.
11:17, 21 march 2019
The SBU CI officers jointly with the Armed Forces of Ukraine detained a militant of LNR terrorist organization in the JFO area.
15:11, 15 march 2019
The SBU materials helped to sentence in absentia a serviceman of Ukrainian Army for avoidance of the service and participation in DNR terrorist organization.
12:43, 11 march 2019
SBU CI officers jointly with the AFU servicemen obtained more evidence of Russia’s military participation in hostilities in the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk Region.
09:56, 21 february 2019
SBU officers involved in the Joint Forces Operation detained in Donetsk region the organiser of pseudo-elections of ‘DNR Head and Deputies of People’s Council’ run by terrorists in November, 2018.
12:08, 30 january 2019
SBU materials helped the Lysychanka city court of Luhansk region to sentence another group of persons who were involved in organising the 2014 anti-constitutional “referendum on the “LNR” independence”.
17:52, 24 january 2019
SBU counter-intelligence officers exposed “LNR” militant in Kharkiv.

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