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SBU materials help to convict saboteur involved in preparing and executing acts of terror in different regions of Ukraine

SBU materials help to convict a resident of Odessa involved in preparing and executing acts of terror in different regions of Ukraine. He was sentenced to 7 years 8 months’ imprisonment.

SBU operatives established the fact that the man in 2015 joined a sabotage and reconnaissance group acting in Odessa and Mykolaiv regions. As a member of the group, the resident of Odessa manufactured explosive devices for committing sabotage and terrorist attacks. The perpetrators planned to destroy critical infrastructure facilities of strategic importance, which would have led to destabilization of socio-political situation, facilitating seizure of power in the regions by the terrorists.

Law enforcers detained group members in the summer 2015. During searches in one of the garages which belonged to saboteurs, the law enforcers seized a large amount of firearms, explosives and a self-made explosive device with electric detonator, meant to be used in a terrorist attack in Mykolaiv. According to experts, the details of the device were identical to those used in bombings at Odessa railway in April-June 2015.

The Primorsky District Court of Odessa found the saboteur guilty of committing a crime stipulated by Part 1 of Art. 14, part 2 Art. 258 and part 1 Art. 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The verdict came into force.

Judicial hearings of cases against five other members of a group are under way.

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