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SBU conducts large-scale anti-terrorist training in Kharkiv region (video)

The coordinating group of the Antiterrorist Center of the Regional SBU Office held planned tactical training in the Kharkiv Southern Railway Station.

The exercises involved more than 600 officers from all regional anti-terrorist units: the SBU, the National Police, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the Armed Forces, the State Penitentiary Service, the State Border Guard Service, the agencies of state executive power and local self-government, as well as the representatives of the "Southern Railway"  administration. More than 40 units of automobile and special equipment were used, including military armored vehicles.

Under the scenario of the training, a group of armed saboteurs, planning to disrupt the work of the railroad and distracting the attention of the law enforcers, tried to commit an explosion and to put out of action the automated system of rail transportation management. Using panic, another armed group of their accomplices took hostages from a passenger-train.

The units, involved in the training, had to localize the consequences of the explosion, involving explosive experts, to carry out the overview of the place setting, to identify “saboteur’s” signs, to detect and to detain them, to release hostages and to neutralize the armed terrorists.

After analyzing the collected information concerning the “offenders”, conducting of the filtration measures, the law enforcers detained the members of the first sabotage group. The terrorists who barricaded in a train carriage and were hiding behind the hostages, were neutralized by the SBU officers ("Alpha") during the assault operation.

The conducted trainings became the next step of the SBU systemic activity, with the aim to prevent, to respond and to stop terrorist acts and to minimize their consequences.


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