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Antiterrorist training exercises come to an end in Ternopil region

The steering group of the Antiterrorist center at the SBU regional Office conducted planned special tactical training exercises in Ternopil region.

Over 500 officials of power agencies, bodies of the executive branch and local government improved algorithms and skills of joint actions in conditions of subversive and terrorist threat in the sensitive infrastructure facilities of the region.

The training exercises participants conducted high-intensity search activities, carried out tasks on deactivation of subversive groups, hold talks with the offenders which had taken hostages. The training combat operation was conducted by efforts of the special task force “Alfa” and “KORD” in one of high technogenic threat facilities, located a way out of regional center.

The training exercises let to check readiness of all antiterrorist activities units of Ternopil region for prevention of subversions and terrorist acts, minimization and termination of their impact.

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