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SBU conducts antiterrorist command-and-staff training exercises in Lviv

The planned command-and-staff training exercises were conducted by the Steering team of the Antiterrorist Centre at the SBU Regional Office.

The aim of the training exercises is increasing of the level of cooperation while preventing the notional terrorist act in the strategic location.

The headship of the regional administration, officers of the SBU, the National Police Office, the State Emergency Service, border guards, local authorities and administration, other entities of combating terrorism participated in the event.

During training exercises the participants practiced the system of measures of well-timed counteraction against possible terrorist threat, estimated security and safety state of the facility.

Based on the results of the command-and-staff training exercises the headship of the Steering team of the Antiterrorist Centre noticed well-coordinated interaction of all participants of the training exercises.

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