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15:49, 01 october 2018
The SBU officers exposed acting head of one of the units of the State Service of Ukraine on Labor Main Department on receiving illegal benefit in Lviv region.
13:31, 01 october 2018
The SBU officers together with the Prosecutor's office blocked the smuggling of amber into the EU countries in Transcarpathian region.
12:18, 29 september 2018
In the course of the pre-trial investigation, investigators of the SBU Office in Rivne region established and proved the involvement of a local lawyer in the activities of an organized criminal group that smuggled precursors.
12:06, 29 september 2018
The SBU officers exposed one of the heads of the State Enforcement Service of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Chernihiv region on bribetaking.
11:19, 29 september 2018
The Regional Coordination Group of the Anti-Terrorist Center at the SBU Office in Zhytomyr region conducted counter-sabotage anti-terrorist training exercises.
10:15, 29 september 2018
The SBU officers Representatives took part in the ceremony honouring the victims of Babyi Yar tragedy.
17:26, 28 september 2018
Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine blocked in Zaporizzhya region blocked the attempts of the intelligence agencies of the aggressor country to destabilize the situation in Ukraine through criminal groups controlled by “criminal lords” from within Russia.
17:18, 28 september 2018
Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine together with investigators of the Prosecutor's Office exposed a corrupt head of one of the subdivisions of the civil defence training centre run by the Office of the State Emergency Service in the Transcarpathian region.
14:36, 28 september 2018
SBU officers in Odesa blocked the smuggling of psychotropic substances into the territory of our state.
12:30, 28 september 2018
Employees of SBU Main Directorate of economic counter-intelligence protection of the state's interests and SBU Main Investigation Department, within the framework of a complex of measures for the protection of critical infrastructure, documented the facts of illegal acquisition of a part of an integral property complex located at the strategic state enterprise “Elektronmash”.

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