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16:45, 04 october 2019
The Security Service of Ukraine detained in Dnepropetrovsk region a pro-Russian agitator who positioned himself as a supporter of “Russian Cossacks” of the Russian Orthodox Church and monarchism.
16:13, 04 october 2019
SBU officers found several cashes with military munitions left by pro-Russian militants to carry out sabotages in the Joint Forces Operation area.
14:17, 04 october 2019
SBU detected an official of local State Fiscal Service who recurrently demanded money from a businessman in Lviv region.
14:01, 04 october 2019
In September 2015, SBU counter-intelligence blocked the activity of the underground terrorist group of four persons leaded by a former officer of the criminal inspection of Dniprorudne city (Ministry of Interior of Ukraine) in Zaporizzhia region.
12:34, 04 october 2019
SBU exposed the prosecutor of one of the local Prosecutor’s Offices demanding bribe for covering a crime.
11:54, 04 october 2019
The Security Service of Ukraine detained the organisers of Centre for customs duty minimisation, seizing almost USD 600,000 during the authorized investigation measures.
10:17, 04 october 2019
SBU jointly with the National Police uncovered a vandal who befouled Holocaust victims commemorative stela in Holovanivsk, Kirovohrad region. The criminal painted Nazi swastika and anti-Semitic inscriptions on the memorial complex built at the place of Nazi execution of 900 Jews during the WWII.
10:16, 04 october 2019
Security Service of Ukraine sent materials on possible destruction of material evidence by its officers to the State Bureau of Investigations.
09:43, 04 october 2019
Manager of customs broker’s agency was detained on money extortion from businessmen in the “interests” of local customs officials, by the agents of the SBU Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organised Crime under the procedural supervision of Military Prosecutor's Office in Dnipropetrovsk garrison.
17:39, 03 october 2019
SBU uncovered a dealer of drugs and psychotropic substances to penal colony in Chernivtsi region.

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