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SBU uncovers two “phone terrorists”

The SBU officers in cooperation with the Police Office uncovered two anonyms, who have communicated false messages with threat of terrorist nature during the latter half of November in Sumy and Chernivtsi.

Thus, in Sumy the law enforcers identified and detained a local resident threatened to blow up residential buildings in the regional centre.

In Chernivtsi the SBU operatives uncovered anonymous, who informed of “mining” of a city hospital under the influence of alcohol.

The SBU reminds that regardless of the age and motives of the “phone terrorists”, their action are qualified in accordance with Article 259 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. A false report on mining of any property shall be punishable by imprisonment for a term from two to six years. For repeated call an offender may be sentenced to imprisonment for a term from four to eight years.


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